NY Jets 2024 schedule: Ranking every opponent from easiest to hardest

The Jets schedule is full of competitive games
Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
Miami Dolphins v New York Jets / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The NY Jets will embark on one of the most consequential seasons in franchise history, as Aaron Rodgers and Robert Saleh will try to etch their name in the record books as the first Jets team in more than a decade to break their futile run and make the postseason.

The Jets' lackluster 2023 season came back to help them out this year, as they will face a third-place schedule. While there are some matchups that may not move the needle, Rodgers will get some chances to go toe-to-toe with some of the best quarterbacks and most complete teams in the game.

The Jets' first game of the season will be on the road against Rodgers' old nemesis in the San Francisco 49ers, which will be a good measuring stick New York can use to measure themselves against another contender. At least every game won't be this difficult.

NY Jets 2024 schedule: Ranking every opponent from easiest to hardest

14. Denver Broncos
13. New England Patriots
12. Tennessee Titans
11. Minnesota Vikings
10. Arizona Cardinals

The Jets will face off against the Broncos yet again, as Denver rebuilds with Bo Nix. The Patriots and Vikings are both moving ahead with rookie quarterbacks, which could be ideal for this Jets defense. The return of Kyler Murray and Tennessee's new receiving corps could be fun matchups for New York.

9. Indianapolis Colts
8. Seattle Seahawks
7. Pittsburgh Steelers
6. Jacksonville Jaguars
5. Miami Dolphins

Both Anthony Richardson and Trevor Lawrence will give the Jets headaches in their individual matchups, and Geno Smith's revenge game against New York will be appointment viewing. The Steelers' loaded roster will make for an interesting test for Aaron Rodgers, and New York's rivalry with Miami will be renewed in grand style in a desperate season for both teams.

4. Houston Texans
3. Los Angeles Rams
2. Buffalo Bills
1. San Francisco 49ers

CJ Stroud is eyeing revenge on the Jets after struggling in his meeting with Saleh and the Jets last season, as is former Jets OC Mike LaFleur with his high-octane Rams offense. The Bills have the still formidable Josh Allen, while San Francisco (who will open the season against the Jets) may be the most complete team in the league.