Aaron Rodgers returning for another Week 1 MNF has all-time nightmare potential

Why does the league do this to the Jets?
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Aaron Rodgers and the NY Jets are trying to move past a terrible 2023 year in which Rodgers lasted just four plays before a season-ending Achillies tear. The NFL schedule makers don't seem to be very sympathetic to the Jets' case, as they are giving them their most difficult matchup on the schedule right off the bat.

The Jets' NFC games this season will all be against the NFC West, which could put them in direct competition with two likely playoff teams and two young squads on the rise. Upstart Brock Purdy and the mighty San Francisco 49ers, fresh off coming just a few minutes away from a Super Bowl victory, will be New York's toughest challenge there.

Rather than waiting a few weeks for the Jets to get in the swing of things, the NFL decided to give the Jets a trial by fire with one of the most difficult games of the year instantly.

Rodgers and the Jets will not only be back on Monday Night Football, but they have the hardest matchup possible on the road against the 49ers. Nothing can ever come easy for the Jets, even when they have Rodgers as their quarterback and a stacked roster.

Aaron Rodgers, NY Jets to face 49ers during Week 1 MNF matchup

Let's count the ways this matchup is terrible for the Jets. First, Rodgers will be back on Monday Night in Week 1 almost a year to the day after his Achilles snapped in the same situation against the Buffalo Bills. That injury had to be in the back of every Jets fan's mind when they face off.

The 49ers are Rodgers' biggest historical enemy. While he's played fine against them in the regular season, the postseason failings against San Francisco have lingered over the Northern Californian's career. He will have to face his demons head-on in this game.

Robert Saleh and the mighty defense will have a tall order on their hands, as Saleh will face a coach in Kyle Shanahan who knows more about the ins and outs of his unit than anyone in the league. All of this points to a very difficult time for Rodgers and the new-look Jets in Week 1.

If the Jets want to compete for a championship, however, they'll need to beat some of the best teams in the league to do so. Beating the defending NFC champions and overwhelming favorite to go back this year in primetime could help set them up for the team's first true Super Bowl push in over a decade.