Jalen Ramsey's arrogant postgame quote is bad look for Jets' Garrett Wilson

Wilson was locked down by Ramsey all game long
NY Jets, Garrett Wilson
NY Jets, Garrett Wilson / Rich Storry/GettyImages

There is not one area of the NY Jets' roster that performed at even an average level during their loss against Jalen Ramsey and the Miami Dolphins. While the vaunted defense showed some holes, Garrett Wilson and the offense once again were unable to look like even a respectable unit.

The Jets failed to score an offensive touchdown for the fourth time in 14 games. In 12 of their 14 games this season, with Zach Wilson's best two career starts against the Chiefs and Texans the only outliers, the Jets have mustered just one offensive touchdown. Even Garrett can only do so much.

Wilson was completely shut down by Ramsey in the Miami loss, finishing with just 29 yards on three catches after going the entire first half without a single target. Ramsey and the Dolphins weren't even relishing the fact that Wilson got shut down. Rather, they seemed to pity the Jets and their lackluster offense.

Rather than bombastically attack Wilson in his postgame media availability, Ramsey seemed disinterested and apathetic, calling his day against the Jets' offense "kinda boring." When a wide receiver like Wilson can't even illicit a reaction beyond a bored monotone from Ramsey, that's a tough look for the team.

Jalen Ramsey calls Garrett Wilson, NY Jets offense "boring" after 30-0 win

Wilson should be given the key to the city for his performance in games and attitude after it. Despite playing with seven quarterbacks in his first two seasons, the best of which was an aging Joe Flacco, he appears poised to top 1,000 yards in both of those campaigns.

Like many issues related to this Jets offense, it's impossible to tell exactly what the main issue was. Were both Wilson and Trevor Siemian unable to get No. 17 the ball because Ramsey had him locked down all afternoon long, or was Wilson the victim of a horrendous game plan by Nathaniel Hackett and a laughable offensive line performance?

Things might not get easier for Wilson to end the season. While the lowly Commanders have the league's worst defense, nothing is assured with this quarterback situation. The Browns and Patriots follow that, both of whom have put together strong defenses this season.

Aaron Rodgers will be back next season, and having him in the fold will inherently make Wilson a more productive wide receiver. Until then, Wilson will need to suffer through some XFL-level quarterback play as his pride gets bruised by talkative cornerbacks like Ramsey.


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