Allen Lazard takes direct shot at NY Jets coaching staff for being unprepared

Jets players have had enough
NY Jets, Allen Lazard
NY Jets, Allen Lazard / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

The NY Jets are a disaster of an organization. There are only so many times and so many ways that statement can be said, but it's never been more true at this very moment.

Everyone deserves their share of the blame for the absolute embarrassment of a product the Jets continue to put on display each and every week. From Joe Douglas to Robert Saleh, every member of the organization deserves to share accountability.

Douglas built this roster. Yes, it's a roster that's been decimated by injuries, but there are countless teams around the NFL competing with similarly injury-riddled rosters. They're not getting blown out 30-0.

But while Douglas absolutely deserves his share of the blame, it's fair to point fingers at Saleh, and the coaching staff after the Jets came out seemingly unprepared yet again for their Week 15 matchup with the Miami Dolphins.

Don't take my word for it, though. Take it from the players, themselves.

NY Jets players are fed up with the coaching staff

After the game, Jets wide receiver Allen Lazard was asked what went wrong with his team's performance on Sunday. His answer was straightforward and blunt.

“They out-schemed us, out-efforted us," Lazard told a group of reporters.

The former part of that statement is a direct indictment on the coaching staff. It's a declaration that the Jets players weren't prepared properly by their coaches prior to the game.

Fellow Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson was asked after the game if he agreed with Lazard's sentiment, and he didn't deny it. If anything, Wilson confessed that his teammate was probably right.

Jets players are starting to say the quiet part out loud. While the Dolphins found ways to consistently scheme Jaylen Waddle open without Tyreek Hill, the Jets couldn't find ways to attack a Miami defense that was missing Xavien Howard and many others.

The Dolphins created opportunities for their star wide receiver. The Jets couldn't find ways to do that with theirs.

Jets cornerback D.J. Reed admitted that his team's energy was lackluster from the start of the game. He insisted he "wasn't too happy about that." Once again, that's another indictment on the coaching staff.

The Jets continue to start games poorly. They consistently come out flat and have to play from behind. Is there a talent gap? Sure, sometimes that's a valid excuse. But both of these teams have been ravaged by injuries.

Talent wasn't the reason the Jets were blown out on Sunday.

The Jets' coaching staff deserves just as much blame as the players and the front office at this stage. Be it Robert Saleh, Nathaniel Hackett, or any of the individual position coaches, the Jets have a coaching problem on their hands.

Lazard just vocalized what many have been feeling for quite some time now.