Jets must end Aaron Rodgers comeback thoughts after unwatchable loss to Dolphins

Rodgers might be better off returning next season.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Rich Storry/GettyImages

The NY Jets had a very simple mission in their rivalry game against Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins. There was a chance, albeit a small one, that quarterback Aaron Rodgers could return from his Achilles tear before the end of the season as the Jets tried to break their playoff drought.

With Miami missing Tyreek Hill and coming off a very tough home loss in primetime to a beatable Titans team, there was an opportunity for Robert Saleh and the Jets to take advantage of a team spinning their tires. From the start of this game, it became very clear New York had no interest in even competing in this game.

Gang Green unveiled a masterpiece of garbage in their 30-0 defeat at the hands of the Dolphins. The Jets were shut out in the first half once again while also tallying their fourth game out of 14 this season in which they didn't score an offensive touchdown and their 12th in which they had one or fewer offensive scores.

There is no reason for Rodgers to come back. He did all of that rehabbing and grinding for nothing. For the 13th straight season in an NFL that recycles half the playoff teams every season, the Jets will be watching January football at home.

Aaron Rodgers shouldn't return to NY Jets in 2023 after loss to Dolphins

Not one area on this Jets team was even below average in this game. Both Zach Wilson (who left the game early) and Trevor Siemian were off from the jump, and matters were made worse by Mekhi Becton, who led an offensive line that was as pathetic and putrid as one could be in a genuine NFL game.

Breece Hall did nothing, and Garrett Wilson was soundly locked down. Even the much-hyped defense, who turned Tagovailoa over multiple times in the first meeting, was unable to stop a nosebleed in this contest. Tagovailoa completed his first 13 passes despite not having a game-changing weapon like Hill, and most of his best offensive linemen hurt.

There are no positives that could come from Rodgers returning for the Jets' remaining three games against the Commanders, Browns, and Patriots. With no quality skill position players outside of a banged-up Hall and Wilson and a terrible offensive line full of backups, Rodgers only risks further injury.

Rodgers performed a miracle of modern sports medicine and human vigor to even get to where he is now following such a serious injury, and the Jets rewarded him by once again putting together a performance that is simply not acceptable for the NFL. Hopefully, the Rodgers factor will fix things by next year.