Zach Wilson exits NY Jets Week 15 game before halftime to get hydrated

Everything is going wrong for the Jets
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Seemingly everything has gone wrong for the NY Jets so far in their Week 15 matchup against the Miami Dolphins, and starting quarterback Zach Wilson isn't immune to that.

On top of a first-quarter fumble that led to a Dolphins touchdown, Wilson has been under constant pressure from Miami's pass rush. The Dolphins have five sacks at halftime.

To make matters worse, Wilson was seen walking to the Jets' locker room without a helmet on. No, Wilson isn't injured, although he was slow to get up after taking a hit earlier in the game.

Wilson reportedly exited the game and went to the locker room because he was dehydrated — as if anything else could possibly go wrong for the Jets in this game.

Zach Wilson and the NY Jets are getting embarrassed again

There was some degree of optimism for the Jets entering this game. The team was fresh off a stunning 30-6 win over the Houston Texans in Week 14, and with the Dolphins nursing numerous key injuries, many hoped the Jets would be able to pull off another upset.

That was especially true, given the possible return of Aaron Rodgers looming. With Rodgers expected to be medically cleared this week, the Jets had the opportunity to keep their playoff hopes alive with a win over their rivals.

Instead, they've come out and completely fallen apart. The Jets trail 24-0 at the half. They've managed four yards of total offense in two quarters of football. Every phase of the team has been a mess.

Whether it's Wilson or Trevor Siemian under center for the Jets in the second half, it's hard to have any faith that the offense will be able to do anything. Last week was an anomaly — this is the Jets' offense we've seen all year.