Zach Wilson's tremendous start vs. Texans may have saved NY Jets QB's career

Wilson once again performed when he needed to save his butt.
Houston Texans v New York Jets
Houston Texans v New York Jets / Al Bello/GettyImages

The NY Jets seemed to finally be done with failed No. 2 pick Zach Wilson as the team's quarterback. Wilson was benched for the third time in two seasons, reports came about that questioned his willingness to play, and his production on the field was poor.

However, due to the sudden release of backup/starter/Aaron Rodgers acolyte Tim Boyle, Wilson found himself in charge once again during New York's tussle with the Houston Texans. Facing Coach of the Year frontrunner DeMeco Ryans and Rookie of the Year lock CJ Stroud, this was a tough task.

Wilson not only excelled, but he played his best NFL game ever. Wilson completed 27 of 36 passes for 301 yards and two touchdowns. The Jets won 27-6, snapping a five-game losing streak and putting together arguably their most complete and effective game of the entire season.

While no team will hand Wilson a backup job next season due to his play earlier in the year, and the Jets will almost assuredly try to part ways with him, starts like this and the famous Kansas City performance might put enough positive plays on film for him to compete for a No. 2 job next season.

Zach Wilson extends NFL career after dominant game in NY Jets win vs. Texans.

The only real blemish on Wilson's day was a humble that led to Houston's lone touchdown, and even that was a bit hard due to how hard he was hit. This, not the nervous turnover machine, is the player the Jets thought they were getting out of BYU.

In structure, Wilson was letting it rip and going through his reads as well as he has all year long. Garrett Wilson was getting open, and Zach was finding him. However, what may have been the most impressive showing on the afternoon was how well he played out of structure.

Wilson was escaping pressure when it got to him, making throws from unusual angles, and showing off all his arm talent. It's easy (and correct) to rip Joe Douglas for sticking by him as long as he did this season, but high points like this can make even the most jaded fan a believer.

The NFL is all about traits at the quarterback position, and Wilson's combination of mobility and arm talent will likely be enough to convince some to bring him on. If the arm fooled Douglas into retaining him in three straight seasons, it could give him one last chance.