Grading NY Jets QB Zach Wilson's Week 6 performance against the Packers

NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Aaron Rodgers
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Yes, that’s right. Zach Wilson is 3-0 with the NY Jets after making his return from a preseason injury. Wilson looks a different player from the one he was this time last year, a nervy rookie who looked uncomfortable in NFL football before he began to clean himself up post-bye week.

This season, he has become a mature presence on this team. The fact that there is minimal chatter about Wilson post-game, little media criticism, or in-depth analysis proves that he manages this team smoothly. His record also highlights that. 

The key phrase which comes to mind when reviewing Wilson's performance is a game-manager. That term will be used a lot when discussing Wilson and the job he’s done within this Jets’ offense so far.

Although his workload wasn’t huge, Wilson grew into the game at Lambeau. His first few series were erratic with his completion percentage hanging below 50% at times. Wilson failed to find a proper rhythm in the first half, he was under a lot of pressure, and the Jets finished the half with just three points. 

Things changed for Wilson and the Jets in the second half, however. With the game still tied at 3-3, Wilson ripped what seemed like an effortless wrist flick for 41 yards to Corey Davis. This appeared to alter the momentum of the game completely.

This throw kickstarted the second-half barrage that the Jets were about to inflict on the Packers. The throw was followed by Braxton Berrios’ 20-yard run for a touchdown.

From then on Breece Hall grew into the game to produce an unbelievable performance, dominating the run game, and making Wilson’s job far more manageable.

Following some superb special teams work by the Jets, a blocked punt opened up New York’s lead to 14 points. From here on, Wilson did what was required of him.

NY Jets QB Zach Wilson was a capable game-manager in Week 6

He donned the game-manager role where he played safe football, with the Jets predominantly running the ball in order to chew the clock. With Breece Hall dominating the Packers' defense, there was little that needed to be done on Wilson’s part in order to see out the game.

Robert Saleh famously told Zach Wilson "This organization is going to lift you, not the other way around." That promise has officially been kept. Joe Douglas has flooded this roster with young talent and given Wilson the tools to succeed without carrying the world on his back.

This team was always destined to be run-heavy, and despite a few weird weeks of giving Flacco nearly 60 pass attempts, this team is finally getting into the mold that everyone expected it to be. When the run game is this dominant, Wilson doesn't need to play his best football.

Overall Grade: C+

Zach Wilson never really got going throughout the game in Green Bay, but it can not be discredited that throws such as the big gain to Corey Davis are flashes of his arm talent. This was not an attractive game of football, but it didn't have to be.

He played his part and ultimately played very safe football in the moments that mattered most. Despite a period of rough play in the first half, this performance is nothing to scoff at.

There's always the debate of whether wins are a QB stat or not, but currently, the chatter about Wilson and his development is minimal. Wins can go a long way toward keeping quarterback criticism low, and so far, that's exactly what's happening with Wilson.

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The spotlight is off him, but one thing is undeniable — since Zach Wilson’s return, the Jets are 3-0. While he hasn't necessarily played his best football, that win/loss record doesn’t lie.