Did Robert Saleh tell Sean Payton to 'stay humble' after NY Jets defeated Broncos?

What did Robert Saleh say to Sean Payton after Sunday's game?
NY Jets, Robert Saleh
NY Jets, Robert Saleh / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

The NY Jets managed to get the last laugh in Week 5 following the team's 31-21 victory over Sean Payton and the Denver Broncos. For Robert Saleh, Nathaniel Hackett, and the entire Jets team, this one was personal.

Payton's unprompted comments about Hackett and the Jets rubbed many in Florham Park the wrong way this summer, and the Jets made it very clear they had unfinished business to settle this week.

In the end, it was the Jets who emerged victorious while the NFL world laughed at Payton and the Broncos. After the game, Saleh and Payton met for the customary head coach handshake at midfield, and the former had some words for his fellow coach.

In a video shared on Twitter, one user pointed out that Saleh appeared to tell Payton to "stay humble" following the game. This would be an out-of-character comment from Saleh, although it's hard to argue it wouldn't be justified.

What did Robert Saleh say to Sean Payton after the NY Jets/Broncos game?

Other eagle-eyed Twitter users pointed out that Saleh most likely told Payton to "stay healthy" in their midfield exchange. This would, of course, be a lot more in character for Saleh, and it's not too dissimilar from what he's told other coaches in the past.

While the "stay humble" comment better fits the revenge narrative that surrounded Sunday's game, it's unlikely Saleh actually said that. Still, it can be fun to speculate.

Nonetheless, the Jets got one over on their newfound rivals on Sunday. Breece Hall returned to the stadium that prematurely ended his rookie season and put together the best performance of his brief NFL career.

Nathaniel Hackett was named an honorary captain and received the game ball against his former team and new adversary. It was a storybook ending to a classic NFL revenge game.

Whether Saleh told Payton to "stay humble" or not doesn't really matter. The Jets' play on the field did more to humble the Broncos than any words ever could.

Maybe Payton should take some notes from Saleh and the Jets. Actions speak louder than words. Sunday's game was proof of that.