Colin Cowherd talks about the NY Jets and embarrasses himself again

NY Jets, Colin Cowherd
NY Jets, Colin Cowherd / Tara Ziemba/GettyImages

Rumors continue to swirl about the NY Jets' potential interest in Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. With such a high-profile storyline dominating media cycles right now, seemingly everyone has an opinion.

But only one man has two, completely opposite, opinions. That man is Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd.

Cowherd told his viewers on a Tuesday episode of The Herd that the Jets would be "a perfect fit" for Rodgers before rattling off a number of reasons why he had that opinion. It was a fair take — one that many have shared.

That, normally, would have been the end of the discussion, but this is Colin Cowherd we're talking about. There's always more.

On Friday's episode of The Herd, just three days after his initial take, Cowherd began a monologue with the statement "this is why Aaron Rodgers doesn't fit" when referring to the possibility of him joining the Jets.

In a span of three days, Cowherd perfectly encapsulated the opinion of both Rodgers supporters and Rodgers detractors, passing both off as his own. It doesn't get much more Colin Cowherd than that.

Don't believe me? Here's a clip to prove it.

Would Aaron Rodgers be a fit for the NY Jets?

Despite his obvious contradictions, Cowherd does make some good points about Rodgers when discussing both sides of the argument. On one hand, Rodgers is a good fit for a Jets' roster that is ready to compete now and is desperate for a quarterback.

It's fun to imagine a Jets' offense with Garrett Wilson, Breece Hall, Elijah Moore, etc., all with competent quarterback play for the first time in their NFL careers.

On the flip side, there are legitimate red flags. Trading for Rodgers might not come cheap, and the lack of certainty beyond 2023 would need to be addressed in any trade negotiations.

He's a short-term "Hail Mary," as Cowherd describes — honestly an accurate and fitting description. The Jets would be throwing all their eggs in the Rodgers basket and hoping to win a Super Bowl in the very near future.

Is it a worthwhile gamble? That's up to Joe Douglas and company to decide. There are pros and cons to every quarterback the Jets could acquire this offseason — Rodgers is no exception.

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It was nice of Cowherd to neatly lay out those pros and cons for his viewers over the course of a few days, even if that wasn't his intended goal.