3 trade packages the NY Jets can offer for Aaron Rodgers

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
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The Aaron Rodgers trade rumors have only grown more expansive over the last few days, especially as it pertains to the NY Jets. The recent hiring of Nathaniel Hackett has only added further fuel to those rumors.

Rodgers' future in Green Bay looks more uncertain than it ever has. A combination of Rodgers' recent comments along with numerous reports suggests that the Packers may very well move on from their longtime franchise quarterback this offseason.

Of course, that's what many believed would be the case a year ago, especially after the Denver Broncos hired Hackett. But the situation is different in 2023.

The Packers recognize that, even with Rodgers, they're likely not serious Super Bowl contenders next season. On top of that, there's the fact that Jordan Love is essentially demanding an opportunity to start in 2023.

The Packers would take on a ridiculous dead cap hit in 2023 if they were to trade Rodgers (partially because it would likely have to be before Jun. 1), but the franchise might just decide it's time to rip the band-aid off.

If that's the case and Rodgers is moved, the Jets appear to be the most feasible landing spot.

The Jets have a roster ready to compete now, and the current regime knows that they need to hit on a quarterback this offseason if they're to hold on to their jobs for another year. Rodgers gives them the highest ceiling of any potentially available QB not named Lamar Jackson.

And unlike Jackson, it shouldn't take numerous first-round picks to acquire Rodgers. Ignore the recent report about the Packers looking for two first-round picks — that isn't going to happen.

If Rodgers is traded, the compensation would likely be significantly lower than that. Exactly what Rodgers' market is remains unclear, but we took our best guess as to what his value might be.

Here are three potential trade packages for Aaron Rodgers that we came up with.