Aaron Rodgers sends NY Jets fans spiraling with cryptic tweet

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Aaron Rodgers is a very private individual — the NY Jets and Green Bay Packers have come to know this very well. He's kept his decision under wraps into free agency, and at least as of yesterday, both teams were still in the dark about his future.

And if the Jets and Packers don't know what Rodgers' plan is, their teams' fan bases certainly don't either. In a dire attempt to extract any form of information or news, many Jets fans have been scouring Rodgers' social media accounts for updates.

They've rummaged through his liked tweets and searched for any clues. That was until Rodgers, himself, actually tweeted for the first time since Feb. 7 on Monday.

The hope was that Rodgers' tweet would provide some clarity on his situation, or at least provide some sort of hint about his future. Instead, it was an eight-letter message that many attempted to decode.

Rodgers simply tweeted the phrase "SULLLLLL" followed by two laughing emojis. That's it. That was his tweet. Amidst countless rumors about his future, and with two NFL organizations desperately pleading for an answer, that's what Rodgers tweeted.

Well, what does it mean? Jets Twitter set out to find an answer.

What does Aaron Rodgers' tweet mean?

There's actually a very simple explanation for Rodgers' tweet, and it seems to revolve around a Packers teammate of his, cornerback Rasul Douglas.

Douglas has been poking fun at the Rodgers situation on Twitter over the last few days, and Rodgers has actually liked a couple of tweets from Douglas. That was until Douglas took it to the next level.

The veteran cornerback insisted that he had stolen Rodgers' phone and that he was the one liking his own tweets. He proceeded to jokingly reply to numerous fans who pleaded with Douglas for insider information.

This promoted the "SULLLLLL" tweet from Rodgers, who was seemingly amused by Douglas' tweets. Or, if you want to believe another story, this was actually Douglas who tweeted from Rodgers' phone.

So this settles it then, right? Rodgers' tweet had nothing to do with the Jets nor did it provide any insight into what his decision might be. Not so fast — Jets Twitter decided to have some fun with it.

Of course, these are all just "theories." Jets fans are just having some fun in what has been a deeply stress-inducing and anxious few days for the organization.

Until Rodgers makes his decision, every move he makes will be analyzed and scrutinized. At the very least, something like this allowed fans to have a laugh before heading to bed.

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Here's to hoping the Aaron Rodgers saga ends today.