NY Jets and the Packers are completely in the dark about Aaron Rodgers

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Aubrey Lao/GettyImages

Turns out Aaron Rodgers isn't the only one in the dark. The NY Jets and Green Bay Packers reportedly have no clue what Rodgers is going to do, even now over an hour into the unofficial start of free agency.

NFL insider Trey Wingo, who broke the Rodgers/Jets news last week, reported Monday afternoon that "the Jets have no idea what he’s going to do." This confirms an earlier report from ESPN's Rob Demovsky that stated both the Jets and Packers still don't know what his plan is.

Rodgers insisted this weekend that he was aware of a supposed "time limit" for his decision, and most assumed that said time limit was the start of the legal-tampering period at noon ET on Monday. Evidently, that doesn't appear to be the case.

Until Rodgers makes his mind up, the Jets and Packers are essentially in a holding pattern. Despite Rodgers insisting he wouldn't hold anyone hostage over two months ago, that's pretty much what he's doing right now.

The NY Jets are being held hostage by Aaron Rodgers

The Jets reportedly remain calm amidst this Rodgers drama, but it's hard to imagine they're too pleased with what's occurring. It's difficult for any team to negotiate with free agents if they don't even know who the quarterback is.

Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner hinted at the possibility of numerous "package deals" in free agency, but that was under the assumption Rodgers was coming to the Jets. If the Jets and Packers don't know what his decision is, free agents certainly don't either.

That significantly handicaps the Jets' ability to make moves in free agency, essentially hindering the team Rodgers is supposedly interested in joining. While other teams are agreeing to deals with free agents, the Jets and Packers are basically just waiting.

It's an unfortunate situation for everyone involved — no one wins here. Rodgers has been insisting that he would make a decision "soon" for months now. It's his decision, of course, and he deserves the right to take his time, but as he's previously stated, there is a time limit here.

The Jets can't afford to wait much longer, not with the market for one of their top contingency plans, Jimmy Garoppolo, heating up by the minute.

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Aaron Rodgers may have emerged from the darkness a few weeks ago, but the Jets and Packers are still very much in the dark.