7 players the NY Jets should definitely avoid in free agency

These free agents should not be in the Jets plans this offseason.

Odell Beckham Jr.
Odell Beckham Jr. / Robin Alam/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Here's something that I have found to be useful after over a decade as a fan of the NY Jets: Expect to be disappointed. The Jets have done next to nothing to prove that they are a well-functioning organization over the past however many years.

Last year, there were problems at quarterback (shocker) and instability within the coaching staff, leading many fans, including myself, to begin to doubt the promises made by the Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh tandem.

Here is the worst-case scenario for our New York Jets in the 2024 free-agency period.

1. Odell Beckham Jr., WR

  • Contract Projection: 1 year, $7 million, ($5.5 million guaranteed)

Odell Beckham Jr. is simply not what he used to be as a player, nor is he close. Beckham is coming off a somewhat disappointing campaign in Baltimore after shunning the Jets during last year's free agency period.

The Jets should not be going back to this well. This offseason, more than ever, needs to be about getting the players that we can count on to consistently be healthy and contribute. 

2. Marquise Brown, WR

  • Contract Projection: 3 years, $45 million, ($30 million guaranteed)

This wouldn't be the end of the world by any means, but the Jets need something else at receiver. Brown had games last season where he disappeared for the Arizona Cardinals and has dealt with some injuries in recent years.

Brown has eclipsed 1,000 yards just once in his five-year career, but it’s looking like he’ll be paid like he’s been among the league's better receivers. The Jets need to get bigger at wide receiver, and Brown is clearly not the way to go for that, especially at his hefty price tag.

3. Ryan Tannehill, QB

  • Contract Projection: 1 year, $13 million, ($10 million guaranteed)

Yes, the Jets need a legitimate backup quarterback. Do not shell out over $10 million for a guy who has been consistently regressing for the past two seasons. Jets fans have thrown out Ryan Tannehill as an option throughout the offseason, but it would be wise to go in another direction.

I am not trusting Joe Douglas to fix this offensive line in one offseason because he hasn’t done it in the four previous ones. Get a QB who can move a bit and can lead this Jets offense through turbulence.

4. David Bakhtiari, OT

  • Contract Projection: 1 year, $8 million, ($12 million in potential incentives)

David Bakhtiari is one of the more intriguing options that will be available to the Jets this coming offseason. He’s played just 13 games over the last three years, and on a Jets team that needs consistency on the offensive line, Bakhtiari would only be another on a long list of injured Jets on the offensive front next season.

If the positive reports surrounding his surgeries are true, then I’d be willing to take the chance. It's hard to justify the Jets relying on him as their starting left tackle in 2024, however.

5. Trent Brown, OT

  • Contract Projection: 1 year, $6 million, ($6 million guaranteed)

Trent Brown has missed 25 games over the past four seasons and has regressed significantly as a pass blocker. Brown would provide great depth, but if this is the Jets' answer at left or right tackle, they would be in trouble.

The Jets would be better off targeting other players in free agency or even addressing the position group in the 2024 NFL Draft. Brown should not be in consideration.

6. Chase Young, EDGE

  • Contract Projection: 2 years, $28 million, ($20 million guaranteed)

Chase Young had his first healthy season since 2020, but it wouldn’t be wise for the Jets to spend this big on a player like Young. The Jets could use one more edge rusher and perhaps some extra interior defensive line depth.

Young had some games this year that were concerning simply for "the eye test," but he put up some solid pressure numbers, ranking top 20 in pass rush win rate in 2023, according to Pro Football Focus.

7. Micah Hyde, S

  • Contract Projection: 1 year, $4 million, ($4 million guaranteed)

The Jets have a need at safety with Jordan Whitehead testing the waters in free agency. Micah Hyde’s abilities in coverage have been dwindling over the past few years, and if there was one short side to Whitehead's game, it was that.

Hyde would be terrific for the locker room, but it's unclear how much he has left in the tank after playing in just 16 combined games over the last two seasons.