7 free agent QBs the NY Jets can sign as upgrades over Zach Wilson

Almost anyone would be an upgrade at this point...
NY Jets, Carson Wentz
NY Jets, Carson Wentz / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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The NY Jets can't go on like this. After another inept performance from Zach Wilson and the team's offense against the New England Patriots in Week 3, a change has to be made at the quarterback position.

Wilson has started a remarkable 24 games in his NFL career. He has just 17 touchdowns and a sub-55 completion percentage to show for it. Few quarterbacks in modern NFL history who have played as much as Wilson has boast worse stat lines.

Wilson truly is one of the worst quarterbacks in recent NFL history. He's not a starting-caliber QB. He's not even backup-caliber. He's downright unplayable at this point.

In reality, there are a host of free-agent quarterbacks (many of whom are quite bad!) who would be upgrades over Wilson. Here is a look at seven free agents the Jets should consider signing.

7. The NY Jets can sign Josh Johnson

There is a slight caveat with this entry, but for the moment, Josh Johnson is a free agent after he was released by the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. The expectation is that Johnson will be re-signed, but it's unclear if he will rejoin their active roster or be added to their practice squad.

Since he's available right now, however, he belongs on this list. Johnson would undoubtedly be an upgrade over the quarterback the Jets are currently trotting out.

The well-traveled NFL veteran put together one of the best quarterback performances by a Jets player in recent memory in 2021 and has proven to be a capable spot starter on a number of occasions.

The Jets aren't going to win the Super Bowl with Johnson, but they should at least be able to run a competent offense. If there's any chance to sign him this week, the Jets shouldn't hesitate.