3 questions the NY Jets must answer against the Broncos: Responding to Success

Zach Wilson, NY Jets
Zach Wilson, NY Jets / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The NY Jets were supposed to have a drama-free, positive week heading into their matchup against the underperforming Denver Broncos.

After Elijah Moore's trade request, the energy surrounding the team felt more chaotic than fans could've suspected after their impressive Week 6 win against the Packers.

Heading to face the newly revamped Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium was a daunting thought before the season started, but now after seeing how both teams have performed, the Jets should probably win this game.

The team is riding a three-game win streak so their confidence level is high. That combined with the headlines surrounding the team via Moore makes this a game worth keeping an eye on to see how a young team can respond to expectation and noise.

1. Can the coaching staff harness the same level of focus the NY Jets have had the last three weeks?

As mentioned, there is a lot of buzz (both positive and negative) surrounding the team after a hot start and the Moore trade news.

The Jets have benefited greatly from their young core, including elite play from their rookie class thus far. It will be interesting to see how the youth on this team handles success this week.

Their win over the Green Bay Packers put this team on the map nationally and has now increased expectations for the potential of this season. Up until that point, the Jets were not being respected by their opponent in the way they now will be.

With more eyes and pressure on the team and pressure, this seemingly tight-knit group will have to show up with the same high level of focus and intensity against a desperate Denver team

Fans will learn a lot about how tight-knit this team is after the final whistle blows in Denver. In the past, Jets teams have not been able to uphold that mindset longer than a few games, let's see if this group is different.

2. Will the NY Jets offense be able to take the next step in the passing game?

The root of the Elijah Moore trade request comes from a lack of production in the passing game. Outside of the fourth quarter against Pittsburgh, Zach Wilson has not been asked to do much in terms of deep shots or volume throwing.

This is ultimately a good thing for the team as they have been playing winning football. However, there will be times when the passing game will be needed to win games.

It will be interesting to see how much the Jets put the ball in Wilson's hand to get his receivers more involved versus sticking to the successful ground and pound.

The Broncos have allowed the fifth-fewest passing yards in the league thus far in the season. It will be a tough test for Zach Wilson but the game script might call for him to step up and make big throws the same way he did in his 2022 debut.

The defense, running game, and special teams have all been playing at a high enough level to mask the average (if that) performance from the passing game in the past two games. This falls on a combination of Zach Wilson, Mike LaFleur, and the receivers' ability to get open.

While the argument is very easy to make in saying that the Jets have found ways to win by playing old-school football, if the team wants to reach its highest potential, they are going to have to take a step up in the passing game.

Elite offenses have been the recipe for sustained success recently in the NFL so the team will eventually need to get close to that point as Jets fans start to raise their expectations to wanting to join the top of the league in the near future.

3. Is the NY Jets defense going to dominate in back-to-back weeks?

Quinnen Williams, Sauce Gardner, D.J. Reed, Michael Carter II, Kwon Alexander, and others have been playing at a very high level throughout the season.

Those players and more capped off their best game of the season last week in Green Bay, as they were throwing around Aaron Rodgers like a rag doll while making their presence felt all day long.

The Denver Broncos offense has been anemic to put it lightly. Russell Wilson is also questionable with an injury that will limit his mobility if he plays on Sunday.

This unit should be set up to have another monster day against this offense, they can't afford to have a letdown as the team has been fairly reliant on their success to keep them in the game.

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In what should be a fairly low-scoring affair, the Jets will need their playmakers on defense to continue their hot streak.