3 QB options if the NY Jets somehow don't trade for Aaron Rodgers

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / David Berding/GettyImages
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Let me start by saying this once again — Aaron Rodgers is coming to the NY Jets.

It makes far too much sense for both sides to get a deal done, and no matter how much Green Bay Packers fans scream and shout about just forcing Rodgers to retire, trading him somewhere else, or allowing him to serve as a backup for Jordan Love, those things just aren't happening.

Rodgers will be traded to the Jets. I still think he will be traded before the NFL Draft or even possibly on draft weekend. The Jets want to get Rodgers in the building as soon as they can but have also stated they are fine waiting it out.

The Packers also want 2023 NFL Draft picks to improve this year's team. If they wait until after the draft, the best they can get is 2024 picks, which likely won't be as high and don't make the 2023 Packers any better.

That said, there is a doomsday scenario here. As many Jets fans will say, "It's the Jets — anything can still happen." And although I strongly feel the trade is done, yeah, it is the Jets, and anything can happen.

The most likely doomsday scenario, in my mind, is that this drags on straight through the summer, and without 2023 picks, the Packers have no incentive to move him. Rodgers says forget it and retires or refuses to show up and play for anyone, period.

In that scenario, or one like it, what would the Jets do? They have backed themselves into a corner on this one and left a few bailout options open. They passed on Derek Carr already this offseason and have seen almost every legitimate starter or backup option sign elsewhere.

With that in mind, below are three realistic options for the Jets in the unlikely scenario they cannot get an Aaron Rodgers trade done.