3 outside-the-box backup QB options for the NY Jets

Which outside-the-box backup QB options could the Jets explore?

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With Zach Wilson's tenure with the NY Jets likely coming to an end, the team finds itself in need of a backup quarterback for Aaron Rodgers in 2024.

Last season, the Jets had high expectations for Rodgers, only to see their playoff hopes dashed when the veteran quarterback suffered an Achilles injury just four plays into the year. This setback thrust Wilson into action, only for him to be replaced by Trevor Siemian and Tim Boyle, who weren't much better.

As Wilson's departure looms, the question arises: who will step in as the team's No. 2 quarterback? Should the Jets seek someone capable of challenging for the starting role, opt for a seasoned veteran, or turn to a younger prospect?

While Rodgers' injury history suggests the need for a competent backup, it's unlikely the Jets will bring in someone capable of contending for the starting spot for obvious reasons.

Names like Jacoby Brissett or Gardner Minshew might come up, but they might not be the right fit. Rodgers has historically had lackluster backups and isn't fond of potential successors, as shown by his initial reaction to Green Bay drafting Jordan Love.

He seemed to have a good relationship with Wilson last year, noting that he wanted to hand the keys off to him when he retired, but I think it's because he didn't see him as a serious threat to his job.

I'm sure Rodgers' first pick would be Tim Boyle again, but after that backfired, it's safe to assume that the Jets will meet in the middle with a veteran backup who understands their assignment or turn to the NFL Draft for a late-round rookie.

Here are three realistic, outside-the-box options to serve as Aaron Rodgers' backup next season.

3. The NY Jets could draft a late-round rookie

While Aaron Rodgers has been known to express dissatisfaction when his team selects a quarterback in the first round, as evident from the Jordan Love situation, his reactions are typically reserved for those high-profile picks. The Jets, unlikely to choose a quarterback early in the draft, might still opt to select one in the later rounds.

Rodgers remains the undisputed leader of the team for the upcoming season, but the organization must also consider its future quarterback situation. Choosing a quarterback with a mid-to-late-round pick could prove beneficial in the long run, especially if Rodgers is willing to mentor them.

Last season, it was evident that Rodgers was eager to assist his backup, Wilson. However, his unfortunate injury led to Wilson being pushed into action prematurely, resulting in challenges for the team.

As the draft board nears its bottom, there are intriguing prospects that Jets fans might find appealing. One such prospect is Taulia Tagovailoa from Maryland. Being the brother of Tua Tagovailoa, his potential selection could add an intriguing storyline to the AFC East.

Projected as a sixth or seventh-round pick, Taulia could be a worthwhile gamble with the team's final pick. Additionally, he could benefit from learning alongside Rodgers, adding depth to the Jets' quarterback roster.