5 veteran backup quarterbacks the NY Jets should target in 2024

The Jets need to sign a competent backup QB this offseason
NY Jets, Ryan Tannehill
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The NY Jets have made the mistake of ignoring the backup quarterback position for far too long now, and in 2023, we saw just how detrimental that could be. The Jets' offense fell apart following Aaron Rodgers' injury, and the lack of any competent backup quarterback was a primary reason why.

Jets general manager Joe Douglas seemed to acknowledge this in his end-of-the-season press conference earlier this month. He also showed his hand, suggesting that there was a high probability the Jets would add a veteran backup QB this offseason.

It makes sense for the Jets to add some legitimate security behind Rodgers, who will be 40 years old and coming off a torn Achilles. The Jets can't afford to have a repeat of what happened last season.

The team will be in the market for a veteran backup, but who might be available? Here are five veteran backup quarterbacks the Jets should consider targeting this offseason.

5. The NY Jets could sign Teddy Bridgewater

The Jets had every opportunity to sign Teddy Bridgewater last offseason. The former Minnesota Vikings first-round pick wasn't signed until August when he agreed to a one-year, $3 million contract with the Detroit Lions.

Five days later, the Jets would sign Dalvin Cook to a contract worth double that. Chances are the Jets wouldn't make the same decision if they were given a second chance.

They should have another opportunity to sign Bridgewater this offseason. The 31-year-old appeared in just one game as Jared Goff's primary backup in 2023, but he has 65 career starts under his belt and has transitioned into one of the best backup quarterbacks in football.

Bridgewater's days as a starter might be in the past, but he's proven to be a reliable bridge (no pun intended) quarterback and high-end backup. That's exactly what the Jets should be looking for this offseason.

*Note: Bridgewater has hinted that he might retire after this season. This is, of course, assuming he doesn't.*