3 options the NY Jets have at quarterback after Derek Carr signed

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal
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1. The NY Jets can trade for Aaron Rodgers

This is the obvious option. The Jets have eyed Aaron Rodgers as their top quarterback target all offseason, so much so that it cost them an opportunity to sign Derek Carr.

The Jets continue to wait on Rodgers to make a decision following his return from his darkness retreat over a week ago. A decision from Rodgers is imminent, but there's still no guarantee that he's made available.

While a return to Green Bay feels unlikely, given recent reports, it can't be ruled out. Rodgers could also still decide that he wants to retire, leaving the Jets without their preferred choice.

Joe Douglas and the Jets are playing a dangerous game with Rodgers. They've decided to put all their eggs in his basket. They've identified him as their guy and are willing to wait as long as possible to ensure they land him.

Ultimately, they're still at Rodgers' mercy, however. Rodgers has the ability to either make the Jets look like geniuses or make them the current laughingstock of the NFL offseason. There's really no in-between, at least in the short term.

Carr signing with the Saints might also increase Rodgers' trade value, which was reported to be diminishing by the day. NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah even reported this weekend that he didn't expect Rodgers to be traded for a first-round pick.

It's unclear whether that has changed or not. The Packers now have a bit more leverage in the situation.

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It's been Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr, or bust for the Jets for the majority of the offseason. With Carr no longer an option, Rodgers is the only one left. The Jets better hope Rodgers is willing to come to Florham Park.