3 more trade packages the NY Jets can offer for Aaron Rodgers

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Tork Mason / USA TODAY NETWORK
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The NY Jets could be on the verge of trading for Aaron Rodgers. With one week until the start of the legal-tampering period of free agency, the Jets are expected to resolve their quarterback situation within the coming days.

Perhaps that could mean that they sign Derek Carr. Carr would reportedly prefer to sign with the Jets over the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers, but the Jets aren't ready to commit just yet.

That's because they continue to wait on a decision from Rodgers. The future Hall of Fame quarterback emerged from his darkness retreat over a week ago and has yet to publicly make his intentions clear.

However, rumors suggest that Rodgers' options are limited. The Packers are reportedly ready to move on from Rodgers and many don't expect him to be able to return in 2023, even if he wants to. It might be the Jordan Love show in Green Bay next season.

That leaves Rodgers with two options: either retire or request a trade. To limit his options even further, the Jets appear to be the only logical landing spot for him. If Rodgers is traded, it's almost definitely going to be to the Jets.

So does Rodgers retire or does he request a trade to the Jets? With such a limited set of options and no direct competitor, Rodgers' trade value might be very limited. The Packers have reportedly been looking for at least a first-round pick, but it's hard to believe they get that at this stage.

NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah recently reported that he doesn't believe it would take a first-round pick to trade for Rodgers, while also suggesting that a trade to the Jets seems to be the most likely outcome.

We ran through a few potential trade packages for Rodgers over a month ago, but a lot has changed since then. What could the Jets realistically offer for Rodgers now that his trade value has taken a hit?

Here are three possible scenarios.