3 attainable goals the NY Jets should achieve in 2023

NY Jets, Breece Hall
NY Jets, Breece Hall / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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With the NFL Combine taking place week and the NY Jets' QB1 position still up for grabs, there's a lot of uncertainty when assessing the team's future at this point.

Still, Joe Douglas has built a solid foundation with his masterful performance in the 2022 NFL Draft, providing a nice floor for what this team can achieve next season.

Let's look at three goals that may or may not currently be on the minds of the front office, but absolutely will be factors when the season rolls around.

Regardless of who plays at QB, what happens in the 2023 NFL Draft, and/or free agency, all of these goals should be attainable based on last year's performance and the nucleus built in the Joe Douglas/Robert Saleh era.

1. The NY Jets beat the New England Patriots

This one may seem silly on the outside looking in, but there is nothing silly about 14(!) consecutive losses to a division rival. In the 60+ years of this rivalry, there had never been a point in which either team had defeated the other for a double-digit number of consecutive times.

The closest was from 1966-1970 when the Jets were unbeaten in 10 straight games vs the Patriots (nine wins, one tie), but lost their opportunity for a 10th consecutive win in 1971.

It's possible that no Jets player on this roster has any emotional connection to the decades of history between these two franchises, but most of the Jets rostered in 2023 will be extremely invested in correcting the mistakes made in two very embarrassing losses to the Patriots in 2022.

Head coach Robert Saleh has stressed the importance of winning divisional games in order to compete for a playoff spot (more on that later) yet this year the Patriots were the only AFC East team that went 2-0 against the Jets. This adds an extra sting when considering that the Patriots were the worst out of the other rivals this past year (Bills, Dolphins).

Both games were very winnable affairs that seemed to be doomed solely by poor discipline and even worse execution at times. One has to think that this time around, every player who participated in these 2022 disappointments will bring something extra to the 2023 contests.