Analyzing 5 potential starting quarterbacks for the NY Jets in 2023

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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The NY Jets took massive strides in 2022, despite finishing with a record of 7-10 following a 6-3 start.

For as good of a season as the Jets had, the missing ingredient was undoubtedly a stable quarterback, which makes this offseason so crucial considering the very real possibility that all this team needed was a quarterback if they were going to make the postseason.

Let's go through five of the most attractive options to be the starting quarterback ahead of the 2023 season. Perhaps any one of these guys could take the Jets to the playoffs this upcoming year.

5. Derek Carr

There is a lot of speculation around Derek Carr right now as he's been released by the Las Vegas Raiders and is officially a free agent.

He may wind up being more expensive than he's worth considering he had a controversy-less season (new to the Las Vegas Raiders) with Davante Adams as his number-one receiver and Josh Jacobs going off the way he did, and he still struggled to take care of the football.

Carr had just five interceptions through his first 10 games this year — three of those coming in Week 1, but then in his final five games, he tallied a whopping nine interceptions.

He went from dealing with controversy and chaos in 2021 from Henry Ruggs and Jon Gruden's PR nightmares while still making the playoffs, to having a quieter 2022 season with everything hunky dory and he wasn't able to even play .500 football.

Derek Carr thrives in chaos from the looks of it.

The Jets of old might've been a better fit for him, but since Robert Saleh has gotten this defense turned around and young talent is healthily populating the roster, perhaps Carr is not the guy.

Struggling as mightily as he did this past season with good weapons and a stout run game should be concerning.