2016 NFL Draft: Exclusive interview with QB Terrel Hunt

Sep 4, 2015; Syracuse, NY, USA; Syracuse Orange quarterback Terrel Hunt (10) warms up prior to the game against the Rhode Island Rams at the Carrier Dome. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Sep 4, 2015; Syracuse, NY, USA; Syracuse Orange quarterback Terrel Hunt (10) warms up prior to the game against the Rhode Island Rams at the Carrier Dome. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /

When it comes to the 2016 NFL Draft, quarterbackTerrel Hunt looked good at his Pro Day while still rehabbing from a torn Achilles. Here is the exclusive interview he had with The Jet Press.

Hunt didn’t end his Syracuse career the way he wanted to. Less than a quarter into the 2015 season, Hunt suffered a traumatic injury; he left the game against FCS Rhode Island after getting hurt on a first-quarter roll-out and did not return.

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It was later confirmed to be a torn Achilles just a year after suffering a broken fibula during the 2014 season. Hunt attempted to come back via sixth waiver eligibility, but the NCAA denied his request. I got to talk to Hunt after his Pro Day about the upcoming draft, the injury and more.

Q: Overall Terrel how do you think your Pro Day went today?

TH: “I think it went really well, I got to show off my arm and throw to some of my favorite guys.”

Q: How has the recovery process been with the Achilles injury and how is rehab going?

TH: “It’s going really well, I got my flexibility back which was the biggest thing and I got that back pretty quickly. The next thing was getting the strength back in it and being able to explode off of it like I used to. I’m going to be honest it was tough… it was a really long ride, but there is no doubt it was worth it.”

Sep 27, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Syracuse Orange quarterback Terrel Hunt (10) drops back to pass against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish during the fourth quarter at MetLife Stadium. Notre Dame defeated Syracuse 31-15. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Q: The NCAA denied you your request for a 6th year of eligibility, what are your thoughts on their decision and why they didn’t let you come back?

TH: “Honestly? I think they didn’t want me to tear up the NCAA. They saw what I could do we won a bowl game (2013 Texas Bowl MVP) and we came third in our conference behind Clemson and Florida State. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get the opportunity to build off of that. But again the only thing in my mind is that they didn’t want me to tear up the ACC.”

Q: Does that put a chip on your shoulder?

TH: “Oh yeah it definitely does after I got denied two other guys got their years back. So I don’t understand why I didn’t get it, it’s really upsetting but you know what that puts a big chip on my shoulder and it definitely makes me more…not angry necessarily, but it certainly makes me want it more.”

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Q: How are you feeling with the draft a little less than a month away?

TH: “I’m feeling good, realistically I know the chances of me getting drafted are pretty low because I haven’t played in two years and I accept that. It’s a hard thing to swallow you know because that is everyone’s dream to get drafted, but I’m just happy for all my teammates and I hope they get drafted. I hope Ron (Thompson) gets drafted real high, he’s one of my roommates and one of my true best friends when they call him I’ll be there. Whenever they call me for workouts I’ll be there ready to go.”

Former Syracuse QB Terrel Hunt said he has a visit set up to the New York Giants on 4/8. He’ll be throwing and catching. Open to playing TE.

— Stephen Bailey (@Stephen_Bailey1) March 23, 2016

Hunt looked real crisp throwing at his Pro Day and the only drill he couldn’t do at the event was the 40-yard dash and that was from a hamstring injury the week prior in training. But that didn’t stop the New York Giants for setting up a visit with the talented player from Syracuse.

Q: Have you heard anything from your agent or scouts about your prospects at the next level?

TH: “Well I think we’ll hear a lot more after my Pro Day results get out there because it’s kind of hard for guys to put millions or thousands of dollars into a player that they haven’t really seen play in two years. Like I said earlier I’ve come to terms with that and I know it’s a tough decision for them, but at the same time I know the type of player I am and I always give 110% and I will be successful. I just want a shot… that’s all I’m asking for.”

Q: Obviously this isn’t the way you wanted to end your SU career, but when you take a look back what do you think the fans will remember when thinking of your career?

TH: “I know that I left it all out on the field, that’s one thing I can say for sure. It took a broken leg for me to come off that field, you know it took a torn Achilles to come off that field. So I know I gave it my all, I wish I could have won more bowl games and more championships and that’s something that haunts me at night and it sucks to lose. At the same time, I’ve given it my all and that’s all I can ask for and I hope the fans appreciated it.”

Lastly, the Syracuse football program decided to move on from Scott Shafer and moved into a new era with new head coach Dino Babers taking the reigns. I wanted to get Hunt’s initial thoughts on his short time with the new coaching staff:

TH: “I love Dino he’s changing things around…me and Coach Shafer had a great relationship, I love Coach Shafer as well, but it was time for change. (significant pause) I honestly don’t think that Coach Shafer should’ve got fired, that’s my personal thought because the first year we had major injuries, the second year the starting quarterback goes down once again. I feel like he didn’t get a fair chance, but at the same time he’s moved on he’s going to do great things and Dino is going to do great things here. I love the atmosphere that Dino has brought here. I believe in this new system and I believe in the team. I’d put my money on it.”

So what do SU fans have to look forward to in the Dino Babers era?

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TH: “It’s going to be exciting I can tell you that much. Just expect a lot of swag and a lot of excitement. Fast scoring and winning, I believe we’re going to win. There are a few kinks we got to work out here from a playbook standpoint and after we get past that, we’re going to win.”