Jets: Worrying about who is piloting


The Jets shouldn’t start worrying about making a quarterback change due to one bad game by quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Does this not sound typical?  First everyone is pumped Geno Smith is punched and is out as the starting quarterback.  We were all aboard the Fitz Airlines in First-Class seats during the first couple of weeks, especially when Fitzpatrick out played Andrew Luck in Week 2 in Indianapolis. 

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During the wipe out (Uhh, I mean white out) game against the Eagles, our fickle fan-base were begging for Geno by the end halftime! One half!!  For the guy people couldn’t wait to not see at quarterback. Sure, Fitz threw 58 passes, mostly poorly ones and had one intercepted, but it wasn’t all on him.

With sloppy game plays all over the field, including the ridiculous lateral pass by Marshall that ended up in Eagle hands and numerous players out due to injuries, it doesn’t appear to boil down to getting a new captain for this flight.

For a smooth flight, how about giving the pilot a functional crew?  There is a reason every flight has co-pilots, first officers and flight attendants.  We had Chris Ivory with a quad injury taking up a spot on the playing roster.  Although, he was well enough to play in Sunday’s game, it was decided to have him out to make sure he is healthy for the game in London against the Miami Dolphins.  Waste of that spot, maybe somebody else could have made an impactful play.

Eric Decker was also badly missing from the game due to being injured.  Without Decker on the field, pressure on Marshall was definitely present while Jeremy Kerley, Quincy Enunwa and Devin Smith all showed little flashes, but ultimately did little to get the passing game going.  On top of that, Darrelle Revis was playing on an injured hamstring.  With a crew like this, it is no surprise this flight went down against the Eagles. Which reminds me, the Jets are 0-10 against the Birds as they have never lost a game against Gang Green.

Oct 2, 2015; Sunbury-on-Thames, United Kingdom; New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (14) at press conference after practice at the Hazelwood in advance of the NFL International Series game against the Miami Dolphins. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Before we all get worked up, let’s see it for what it was:  Fitzpatrick had a bad game.  We definitely have a great chance at beating Miami since we match up well. Plus they’ve had some inconsistent play and we should have a few of the injured guys back.

After the London swing, we need to remember next week is a bye week.  This gives players time to heal. And yeah, I’ll say it, Sheldon Richardson is due back and that should give everyone a big boost.  Let’s give Fitz a chance and see if the Eagle game was an aberration.  Remember, even Joe Namath did not always steer clear of turbulence and his flight took us all the way!

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