Sheldon Richardson needs to make important choice


I’m not about to bash Sheldon Richardson, I think there are a few too many people doing that lately. I’m a child of the sixties so I’m not about to get bent out of shape over someone smoking a joint. Many in the past have done it and it’s actually legal in some states in this beautiful country of ours. At the end of the day, Richardson made a dumb mistake.

I’m not going to condone his actions at all. Marijuana is a banned substance in the NFL and every player in the league knows it, it’s not a secret. The NFL spends a lot of time indoctrinating its rookies on its policies as the NFLPA does its part too. He also failed a prior drug test, so there is no way to defend him.

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So, without doubt, Richardson smoked pot again knowing it would get him suspended. This is the problem, not the joint he smoked at a party somewhere. There is a problem with this young man’s decision making skills. Some have said he needs to check into a rehab facility and get clean, but that really isn’t the problem here.

Richardson earlier in the year made some controversial comments, after the Ferguson riots that brought him some scrutiny by the media. Calling a police officer a “pig” isn’t illegal, and you could understand Richardson’s emotion as he watched his hometown burn. Yet, it’s a bad decision to let it all unfold publicly. It’s just another example of making a bad decision.

Science has long past proven that marijuana is not a physically addictive drug. Richardson has now chosen to smoke marijuana twice since entering the league and this time it will cost him money plus a chance to play the game he loves.  He needs to choose once and for all, which is more important to him. Marijuana or football.

Feb 1, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Jets defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson receives the AP Defensive Player of the Year award at the 3rd NFL Honors at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I think Richardson should take his time off and possibly seek out a therapist. The NFL offers multiple counseling programs which should help put him in a better direction.

He’s young and made some stupid mistakes but his career is at definitely at stake. The next failed drug test and it’s a year he’ll lose playing football. We’ve all made some of these youthful blunders, Richardson’s are just playing out in the public arena.

My advice to him would be to take a step back, regroup, seek some help and get back to what you do best. I wish him the best of luck and to those that want the Jets to trade him because of this, I say chill out!

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