New York Jets: Team should prepare Bryce Petty for future


The New York Jets are probably one of the worst teams in the NFL when it comes to developing future franchise quarterbacks. They thought they had it back in 2013 when they drafted quarterback Geno Smith to backup their starter at the time in Mark Sanchez. Needless to say, Smith was thrown into a starting role in his rookie season due to an unfortunate shoulder injury that landed Sanchez not only out for the season but eventually out of the team. This time around, the Jets drafted Bryce Petty as they should prepare him for the future the right way.

By the time training camp arrives, the quarterback competition this summer for the Jets will mainly be between Smith and veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. It’s pretty much Smith’s job to lose so unless he gets hurt or continues being a turnover machine, Fitzpatrick will get the nod. If Smith shines and proves his worth, he’ll be under center come Week 1 against the Cleveland Browns.

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Petty is in a golden situation since well, there is zero pressure for him to even think for a New York minute he’ll be starting anytime soon in 2015. Perhaps in garbage time if the Jets blow out an opponent or are completely out of it for a regular season game and want to give him some experience.

No matter what happens this upcoming season, the Jets must think about what to do for their future success at the most important position on the team at quarterback. Smith will either thrive this season or face the ultimately reality that he probably won’t be in the long-term picture for the Jets if he continues being a disappointment. Fitzpatrick will be 33 years old this upcoming November so if anything, he’s an option for this year and maybe again in 2016.

The Jets need to do the right thing and truly develop Petty the right way. Let him learn the game from the sidelines by watching guys like Smith and Fitzpatrick while doing his best to learn the ins and outs of an NFL offense. Who knows, perhaps he can emerge in 2016 ready to be considered competition to start at quarterback for the Jets if he can have a year of learning and honing his craft for the future.

Overall, hopefully the Jets can avoid doing to Petty what they did to Smith since it turned out to be a disaster since he was nowhere near ready to start when he transitioned from the college scene to the pros. If Petty is developed properly and given the right coaching and training, he could end up being a starting option down the road in case the Jets need to completely head in a different direction at quarterback in the future.

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