New York Jets: Geno Smith showing offseason leadership


Whether you want Geno Smith as the starting quarterback of the New York Jets or not in 2015, there is no denying his work ethic. Even though his performance on the field when football games actually matter for the Jets can leave fans furious, he continues to work hard during every offseason to prepare heavily for the regular season. This offseason is no different as Smith will prepare to participate in pre-training camp passing workouts in Chicago with Brandon Marshall and other players from the Jets’ offense to help solidify their overall success for the upcoming season.

While Smith won’t let the media know exactly when these workouts will transpire, it goes to show he wants to succeed no matter the cost. Even though Smith has a tough battle ahead this upcoming summer to prove his worth to the new leadership regime of the Jets, it’s good to see he’s not taking anything for granted. At first, offensive coordinator Chan Gailey proclaimed him the undisputed starting quarterback until head coach Todd Bowles scaled it back a bit to ensure the best person gets the spot.

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Bowles clarified after Gailey’s statements that it’s Smith job to lose come training camp time. The Jets made sure to bring in competition at almost every position, especially at quarterback due to all the failures of the past.

With Smith continuing to make sure he gels well with his supporting case on offense, he’s showing solid leadership in the grand scheme of things. He knows he could lose his starting position if he doesn’t consistently deliver so it’s great to see he’s leading by example before training camp is underway.

Needless to say, this is definitely a step in the right direction for Smith to give himself an advantage to prove that he gives the Jets the very best chances to win plenty of football games this upcoming season. With a ton of new faces and top talent all across the team, Smith must silence his critics and have his leadership on the field also show why he’s the best player to be under center. With his work ethic and right preparation, he’s hoping he leaves little to doubt that he can handle it and actually deliver in 2015.

Overall, hopefully all his offseason preparation will bode well for him once training camps arrive. He can’t afford any bad days since it could be the difference of him being a starter or backup heading into the regular season. With Ryan Fitzpatrick waiting in the shadows, he must end training camp on a high note that he’s ready and able to lead the Jets into a turnaround miracle season straight to the NFL Playoffs.

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