Poll: Do you have faith in Geno Smith?


Do you have faith in Geno Smith? Well, for the majority of fans that follow the New York Jets, it’s been pretty mixed results so far. Of course fans will always root for their team no mater what happens but there comes a point in time that frustrations make you sometimes question the allegiance you have to the actual players. While fans genuinely want Smith to succeed, he’s already going back to old habits so far this offseason.

Smith has done okay during organized team activities but also had a day in which he threw three interceptions. Of course it doesn’t help that he’s going up against a completely revamped defensive secondary featuring Darrelle Revis but regardless, he had once again made poor on-the-field decisions when passing the football.

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On the other hand, with new offensive coordinator Chan Gailey drawing up a new spread offensive system to put Smith in a position to succeed, this could be the year he actually thrives in. They always say that you can see a true glimpse of potential in any athlete in their third year of playing in the pros.

With a much more talented supporting cast around him, Smith is facing the reality that this could be his real last shot at proving he’s the franchise quarterback the Jets need to enjoy long-term success. If he once again struggles in an offensive system catered to him with new weapons infused on offense, his tenure on the Jets will definitely come to an end sooner than expected.

There is that small glimmer of hope that he silences his critics and really pushes the envelope in 2015. It of course all starts with what he brings to the table and the kind of response he gets once he is under center at home in MetLife Stadium. The faith of Jets Nation could very well be what motivates him to perfect his craft but if he returns to being a turnover machine, the crowd will surely fill his ears with boos and chants for his dismissal.

Jets Nation, do you have faith in Geno Smith? Please vote below and leave your comments so we can get the conversation really going!

Do you have faith in Geno Smith?

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