Rex Ryan should stop living in the past


Of course for the next year or so when it comes to the New York Jets, comparisons between former head coach Rex Ryan and current head coach Todd Bowles will be on the minds of many. While both have similar tendencies when it comes to defensive scheming, both are completely different with their coaching styles, just like night and day.

This offseason, the Jets parted ways with Ryan after an abysmal 4 – 12 season and his locker room spiraling out of control due to quarterback issues and one of the worst defensive secondaries ever fielded by the Jets. After finding a new home on the Buffalo Bills, why does Ryan continue to insist on rehashing his past failures with the Jets?

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Now that he has a new home on a new team, he should truly stop trying to bash the Jets every moment he gets. In an article written by Rich Cimini of ESPN, Ryan not only bashed tight end Jace Amaro but added some excellent bulletin-board material for the Jets once they meet the Bills this upcoming season. Here’s what he had to say:

"“I know what has been written about me,” Ryan said. “Will I have a chip on my shoulder? Absolutely and it will be fun. I know one thing: We ain’t hiding, we ain’t hiding from anybody — New England, the Jets, anybody else. We’ll take on all challenges, and I’m looking forward to it.”"

Ryan is a good coach when it comes to defense and an extraordinary motivator but when it came down to executing towards the past few years, he failed to bring everything together. His style at first during the amazing 2009 and 2010 campaigns were welcomed since it yielded major results but once the Jets starting losing consistently and losing terribly on top of that, his thrash style of coaching just didn’t work anymore due to a lack of accountability and communication.

Hopefully in his case, history doesn’t repeat itself with his new endeavors. It’s good to want to get back at your old team but to take it to the media as much as Ryan does absolutely shows why owner Woody Johnson made the right call when it came to dismiss him once and for all.

Ryan should focus on his new tenure with the Bills because at this rate, his comments are coming off that he’s so consumed with sticking it to the Jets, he might lose sight of the bigger picture at hand on his new team.

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