New York Jets: Breaking down the Porsche analogy


What exactly does it mean when the New York Jets use the analogy of their offense being similar to a Porsche? In an article written by Rich Cimini of ESPN, it originated from offensive lineman Willie Colon in an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio. Here’s what he had to say in regards to the reference and how it relates with quarterback Geno Smith:

"“We bought the Porsche, we’ve given him the keys, he can’t crash it. “Bottom line, he can’t crash it. We need him to be on top of his game. We’re doing everything we can as an offensive line to make him comfortable back there.”"

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Needless to say, Colon was merely stating the obvious in that this upcoming season will make or break the Jets. They’ve added more than enough talent to their offense in hopes of finally being able to punch in touchdowns instead of the usual field goals that the Jets are use to scoring on key drives.

The Jets could have easily gotten rid of Smith and pursued a top quarterback this offseason but instead chose to build around him and put him in a position to succeed. Colon as well as many others truly believe that there will be no excuses this time around if Smith doesn’t at least perform well enough for the Jets to be somewhat competitive in 2015.

With a new offensive coordinator in Chan Gailey installing an offense that caters to Smith’s strengths, his time to shine is now. If he performs well, then there is no telling just how far the Jets can go this upcoming season. If he resorts to his old ways of being a turnover-prone quarterback, then the football world will finally know he’s not meant to be a starting quarterback. At least not on the Jets at that point of his young NFL career if things just don’t work out.

Overall, Colon used the perfect analogy to describe what awaits the Jets’ offense in 2015. If Smith can step into the driver’s seat and deliver, the Jets’ Porsche will be one smooth ride all season long. If he can’t and starts to spiral out of control like we’ve seen him do in the past, it’ll be time for the Jets to hand the keys to someone else.

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