New York Jets: Is Super Bowl on the horizon?


Have the New York Jets done everything within their power to truly field a highly competitive team heading into this upcoming season? Many analysts and experts across the football world have given the Jets high grades when detailing all the moves they’ve made so far this offseason. With a successful 2015 NFL Draft under their belts and everything looking great on paper so far, could the Jets actually be early Super Bowl favorites?

Not so fast.

While the Jets have done an incredible job at bolstering their defensive secondary, adding more options at quarterback and acquiring top talent across the team this offseason, it’s incredibly too early to start saying they’re Super Bowl bound.

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New head coach Todd Bowles and general manager Mike Maccagnan have done an incredible job so far, but the true test will not only be come training camp time but also when the games actually start to matter. After all, how this all translates to the field is what will determine how far they will go.

The only reason why it’s way too early to say the Jets are early Super Bowl favorites is due to their quarterback situation. If the Jets had a solidified option at the position, then they would easily be considered contenders all the way to the big game. Unfortunately for the Jets, they aren’t there just yet.

With quarterback Geno Smith penciled in as the Jets’ starting quarterback at the moment, who really knows what will happen. He will either surprise many or continue his awful performance and eventually get demoted. Either way, the Jets brought in veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick as insurance but once again, it’s not like he’s going to come in and perform up to the level of an Andrew Luck or Peyton Manning right off the bat for the Jets.

While the Jets will most likely field a top three defense this upcoming season, their big question mark at quarterback and how their receiving corps will pan out keeps them out of the Super Bowl talk for now. Plus with the way the AFC East is looking, it’s not like they’ll be able to march their way to the top of the division due to how all their fellow neighbors also bolstered their teams. It also doesn’t help that the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots will also continue to compete at championship levels.

Are the Jets going to be legit contenders next season? Quite possibly yes. Will they be so good they will destroy opponents and launch a potent juggernaut of an offense? Most likely not. Their running game will only take them so far but their success will be made or broken on the performance they get from quarterback.

As of right now, it looks like that could very well be the one thing that is giving everyone in the football world have pessimistic views when it comes to seeing the Jets representing the AFC in Super Bowl 50.

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