New York Jets: Is Matt Simms in danger of being released?


The New York Jets currently have five quarterbacks, that’s right, five athletes ready to prove that they are more than capable of leading this time to victory this upcoming season. With Geno Smith as the Jets’ appointing starting quarterback heading into training camps this summer, it’s pretty much his job to lose. Ryan Fitzpatrick will more than likely be his backup but could also make his own case that he might be a better option under center due to the experience he brings to the table. For now though, Smith is penciled in as starter and Fitzpatrick will be his mentor backing him up.

The third and most likely final spot on the active roster will be a positional battle between Matt Simms, Bryce Petty and Jake Heaps. This is yet another familiar situation for Simms since he’s always been able to play just enough to stay on the team but nowhere near the caliber needed to be a true starting option for the Jets.

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Back when the Jets had quite the circus attraction at quarterback with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow in town a few years ago, Simms couldn’t even beat out either competitor to work his way up the roster. He’s been inconsistent to say the least and with all the hype that comes with Petty, his time with the Jets could be coming to an end.

It’s no secret that since the Jets have a new regime in town, nobody is truly safe. There is no way the Jets will have all five quarterbacks on the roster and when it comes to making roster cuts, Simms could be the odd man out since Petty has a ton of upside and could be molded to have quite the future with the team.

Heaps was most likely signed to be a training camp arm and most likely to get a closer look to see if he can be a diamond in the rough. There’s a very slim chance he makes the final roster, unless he blows away the competition come this summer. Regardless, if both Petty and Heaps prove their worth, there is a pretty good chance the Jets will part ways with Simms sooner than later.

Overall, when Simms was given opportunities to shine, he didn’t really capitalize. It’s best that if he still doesn’t impress come training camps, they replace him with someone that has a much brighter future and can be molded to perhaps one day be the next franchise quarterback of the Jets. Simms for the most part hasn’t proven his case at all that he can be that for the organization either in the past or even the future.

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