2015 NFL Draft: New York Jets Fans Hope History Doesn’t Repeat Itself at Number Six


The New York Jets are in an interesting position at number six.  The draft has a lot of interesting prospects up high.  The Jets could look at a pass rusher, like Vic Beasley or Dante Fowler, Jr.  Shane Ray possibly, but after the news last night about his arrest for possession, the Jets will likely take a pass.

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  • One of the receivers has a good chance at being there.  Kevin White and Amari Cooper are the top prospects at the position in the draft this week, and one will very likely be available at number six.  The Jets could use the additional threat, to go along with an already better group of receivers, led by Brandon Marshall.

    They could even think about drafting Marcus Mariota, as discussed earlier.  Could they trade up?  Maybe.  The Jets could also move out of the sixth pick, making a trade down on draft day, and adding additional draft picks.  It’s a very strong spot for the Jets to be in.  What are the Jets going to do?  We find out on Thursday night, a little over 48 hours from now.

    Jets fans will be watching with great interest, as well they should.  There is a great quote with a great deal of relevance here.  It goes, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.  New York Jets fans hope that the team does remember the past, because if history repeats itself, we will have some problems.

    Does anyone remember who the Jets chose the last time they held the sixth pick in the draft?

    He is a guy that the Jets fans remember, but not very fondly.  His is a face we all…I would say love, but…

    Vernon Gholston.  A face that no Jets fan will ever forget.  The team thought they could make him a star, but Gholston could never “get it”.  He never put it together as a professional football player, becoming one of the biggest “busts” in recent draft memory.  His biggest claim to fame was getting in a fight during a telecast of “Hard Knocks”, followed by a sack to end a preseason game.

    Vernon Gholston was the selection the last time the Jets held the sixth pick in the draft.  Granted, the administration has changed.  The scouting department and general manager are out, and a new regime is in.

    With a new crop of talent evaluators, Jets fans certainly hope that history does not repeat itself.  It would crush the franchise if it did.

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