The New York Jets vs. New England Patriots Turf War Continues in Childlike Fashion


Dec 21, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets owner


y Johnson (right) greets New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft before the game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets and Patriots war continued last night. The bullying continued, much in the style of a couple of elementary school kids that got in a fight during a kickball game.

Last night, we reported that the Jets filed tampering charges against the New England Patriots. Earlier this week, Robert Kraft made comments about Darrelle Revis indicating that “as a fan”, he wanted Revis back. He also talked about the contract negotiation, telling reporters that he felt that the Patriots made a valid offer of their own for Darrelle Revis’ services.

It’s obvious that the Jets had one reason to bring this charge, revenge. It’s also something we all can understand. When someone does something to us that we feel is unfounded, or petty, or stupid, we want to do it right back to them. Clearly, the Jets were retaliating here. This was retaliation to the tampering charge that the Patriots brought against, stemming from Woody Johnson’s comments that he would “love to have Darrelle Revis back”. That, combined with the early reports of the Jets’ interest, prompted the ire of Robert Kraft, despite the apology he received.

Earlier this week, Jets personnel were questioned by NFL investigators, and the charges are still pending. There has been no public response from the NFL to the new charges as of the time of this post.

The motive is a universal one, revenge. But that doesn’t make it right. This is silly, and just continues a childish off-the-field war.

First of all, neither of these incidents had any influence on anything. They just didn’t. Woody Johnson’s comments meant very little. Robert Kraft’s comments meant less, considering the fact that were made nearly two weeks after Revis signed with the Jets.

How do I know they meant nothing? Because I know the history of Darrelle Revis. Darrelle Revis goes where the money is. Like it or not, that is Darrelle’s history. Darrelle Revis was a Jet the first time around, until they wouldn’t pay him anymore. He balked about money, forcing the Jets to trade him away. The Patriots were willing to pay him, so he came over for one year. The Jets paid him, the Patriots wouldn’t match, so he has returned. That is Darrelle Revis. It’s his right, I am not judging. That is who he is.

Comments made on either side have nothing to do with what Darrelle Revis did, has done, or will do in the future. It’s about money, not tampering.

Secondly, this war is just silly at this point. It’s like two petulant children going to the teacher saying “He started it!”, “No HE started it!”, and just going back and forth at each other until the teacher wants to get rid of them both. Come on teachers, you know you have felt that way at some point in your careers. Two kids tell on each other so much that you don’t want to hear it from either one anymore…

If they are both found guilty, they will be fined and/or lose a late round draft pick. Neither penalty is going to decimate either franchise. It’s just another way for each team to “one up” the other. It’s silly. It’s childish. Most of all it really isn’t necessary.

Patriots fans, don’t flood the comment section with a lot of Patriot rhetoric. I am not judging the Patriots. I am not judging the Jets. I am judging BOTH OF THEM.

Both the Jets and Patriots are equally to blame. It’s grown to a childish level. It needs to stop. Let the two teams settle it on the field. Owners arguing over words is ridiculous. Enough.

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