New York Jets File Tampering Charge Against the Patriots

By Alan Schechter

The rivalry between the Jets and the Patriots continues, even though games are still several months away.

Take a look at this report tonight from Pro Football Talk:

Jets have filed tampering charges against Patriots based on Robert Kraft’s Monday comments about Darrelle Revis, per league source.

— ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) March 25, 2015

The charge comes from comments made by Robert Kraft earlier this week regarding the negotiations for Darrelle Revis’ services. Here is what Kraft had to say:

“We thought we made a very competitive offer. I speak as a fan of the New England Patriots, we wanted to keep him. We wanted him in our system, and we have certain disciplines. We had hoped it worked out. It didn’t. We just don’t think about short-term decisions. For example, next year we have three very good young defensive players coming up and we have to factor that. We just don’t look at this year; we look out at the next few years. We’ve done OK doing that. As a fan, in March and April, I hate to lose him. But our real focus is what goes on in the fall and winter. I put my faith and respect with Bill. We have a lot of discussions and he’s done pretty good the last 15 years. The fan in me argues all the time with him. But he has a pretty good record.”

The Patriots filed charges against the Jets for tampering, stemming from December when Woody Johnson stated that he would “love to have Revis back”. On March 8th, investigators spoke with the Jets personnel, such as Mike Maccagnan.

I understand why the Jets made this move, but it is silly. Revis is on the Jets now. Robert Kraft making a comment after the fact, actually, is less of an issue that Johnson’s comment. It’s silly to go tit for tat with the New England Patriots.

It certainly creates drama between the Jets and the Patriots, doesn’t it?

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