New York Jets: ‘Twas the Night Before Free Agency


Tomorrow afternoon, the free agency period begins. The teams begin the annual “free for all”, where players change hands the way we traded baseball cards as kids. It’s a fun time for all NFL fans, and with all of the money we have to spend, it should be fun for fans of our beloved New York Jets as well.

Many call this time “Christmas in March”. With that, I decided to have a little bit of fun, albeit admittedly corny fun. I decided to try my hand at writing a parody. So, I have before you an abbreviated parody of the famous, “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”. From a purely Jets perspective, this is a look at the night prior to free agency, and it is titled, “‘Twas the Night Before Free Agency”. So, here you go, enjoy!

Note: This is purely for entertainment, and not mean to demean or insult any religion or custom.

“‘Twas the Night Before Free Agency”

Twas the night before free agency, and through Florham Park.Mike Maccagnan was stirring, right through ’til it’s dark.The player list was hung in his office with care.In hopes that a cornerback soon will be there.

The scouts were around, cap guys right behind.with stats and financials flowing free in their minds.Bowles in a Jets hat, and Macc in his suit.They all settled in, they knew sleep would be moot.

Everyone’s cel went and chimed with a clatter.They jumped from their seats to see what was the matter.They opened up Twitter and looked at their feed.To find out a player was signed that they need.

They went to Maccagnan and said with a sigh.“Kareem Jackson was signed, and he was our guy.”Macc said, “How ‘Bout Maxwell, get him in a jiffy!”They said, “We can’t, ‘cause he is going to Philly.”

They scoured and they skimmed all through their books.To decide which cornerbacks should get their looks.Bowles said, “I’ve got a guy, I had him last year!”“He was great on my defense, let’s bring him in here.”

Macc said, “What’s his name, we’ll give his agent a call?“His name is Cromartie”, Bowles said to them all.“He played in the Pro Bowl, just after last season.”“He is not slowing down, for any old reason.”

A scout had some info, near Macc he would sit.“Cro played here before, he’d make a great fit!”Macc said, “Are you sure, he is 31?”The scout replied, “Yes, Cro is far from done.”

So Cro was the guy they decided to call.They wanted him to play for the Jets this Fall.The team settled in to relax and unwind.To prep and be ready for the Free Agency grind.

To all of you Jets fans, with many of which we are tight.Happy Free Agency to all, and to all a good night.

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