The New York Jets Offense – Just How Efficient Can It Be?


Paper.  Many uses for it, but it’s primarily utilized efficiently when writings or drawings are properly or in some cases, artistically  placed on it in different variations for different reasons.  Many things look good on paper.  Many drawings, many writings, many paintings and in some cases, many teams.  The Jets, in my opinion, are one of those teams whose offense currently looks pretty “good” (“good” in comparing them to last season’s team) on paper.  What does that mean? Not much, but I’ll try to put it in the context that it belongs.

The Jets have added pieces to this offense since the start of the off-season.  Some significant, some not so significant.

– For starters the Jets have added talented and vital pieces to the RB, QB, WR and TE positions since the start of the off-season.

– They have added speedy RBs Chris Johnson and Daryl Richardson.  They’ve added top free agent WR Eric Decker, free agent WR Jacoby Ford and rookie WRs Jalen Saunders and Shaquille Evans, who I think are both raw, but will contribute in their respective ways as the season progresses.

–  The Jets added arguably the top TE prospect in the 2014 NFL Draft in former Texas Tech TE Jace Amaro, who I believe could and should start immediately if not s0oner.  He will instantly bring an added dimension to a potential dual TE package that should pay dividends for the Jets offense.

– The Jets added QB Michael Vick to “backup” Geno Smith.  A move that has “sparked” a bit of “controversy” within the circle of pundits that want desperately for the Jets to be enthralled in some full-fledged QB controversy that really doesn’t exist and has no reason to.  It’s also a move no matter how you look at it, that solidly bolsters the Jets offense as it bolsters the most important position on the team.

– Again, on paper the Jets appear to have either upgraded or adequately added to key offensive positions on the team, but just how efficient can Marty Mornhinweg’s offense be?  That of course, is a loaded question that undoubtedly sparks debates, but I’ll keep it really simple for you; If the Jets remain as “healthy” as they did last season, is it feasible to believe that their offense will be much better, more efficient, more reliable than last year’s?  I for one believe that it is feasible to expect a healthy Jets offense to be better than last year’s team for more than one reason.

1.) Geno with more experience

Everyone is “expecting” Geno to make certain “strides” going into his second season and there’s nothing wrong or unreasonable with that expectation.  Geno looked poised and confident down the stretch of last season.  He looked ready to embrace his talents and seem more sure of himself.  Is it naive to believe that he’ll come into this season still riding that wave of confidence he had towards the end of last season?  I don’t believe it is.  If healthy, I fully expect Geno to embrace the mind-set that he must play better than he did last year.

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2.) Running Back Corp

The Jets have a solid RB corp if not, one of the most talented in the league.  I’ll hold off on calling it the best or most talented until Chris Ivory can stay healthy and Chris Johnson looks even remotely close to his old self.  Both of which are very possible, but not very likely. Still, the Jets add Bilal Powell and Daryl Richardson to that corp, making it a very solid RB corp that Morninhweg can utilize in a variation of packages.  Chris Johnson adds an element to both the Jets running and passing game that no other RB on the roster brings.  When put in motion and split out wide, you have to defend Johnson adequately as he’s a very good receiver and is a mis-match when line up opposite of linebackers and most safeties.  Richardson adds an element of quickness and speed to the Jets backfield that will be a problem to match up with if utilized within the offense adequately.  If Ivory, Johnson and Richardson are all healthy then opposing defenses will struggle to contain this Jets running game.  It really is that simple.

3.) Eric Decker, Jace Amaro and Jalen Saunders –

Three talented addition to the Jets passing game that I believe will pay immediate dividends are WR Eric Decker, TE Jace Amaro and WR Jalen Saunders.  All three will have different positions and different responsibilities, but all three will make Geno Smith’s job a lot easier than season than it was last season.  Of course it remains to be seen just how fast the chemistry between Geno and his new weapons will form, but it is enough talent to be somewhat optimistic, isn’t it?

So here’s my question – Just how naive is it to believe that the Jets offense will be much better this season than it was last season?

It can’t be that naive when you think about it logically and even objectively.   The Jets offense will look much different this season from last, there’s no debating that.   We don’t know how effective or efficient the offense will be, but it’s certainly feasible to be optimistic about the Jets offense based on the fact that there are new faces in key positions on the offense.

This will be year two of the Marty Mornhinweg offense.  Year two with Mornhinweg coaching Geno Smith within the offense.  Is it really that hard to believe that Mornhinweg, being the effective and respected offensive coordinator that he is, won’t feel the need to prove something this season as he enters into year two?  Is it really hard to believe that Mornhinweg will ask or allow Geno to do things this season that he didn’t ask or allow him to do last season, like running and improvising more, using his athletic abilities more?  I don’t believe it is.

The Jets offense won’t have to work that much harder this season to be better than it was last season considering  how inconsistent and ineffective the offensive execution was for the most part last season.   With added pieces across the offensive board, it’s not that hard to see the Jets offense executing, nothing is guaranteed, but nothing is NOT guaranteed either, now is it?