Zach Wilson's putrid performance launches embarrassing NY Jets meltdown

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets fell to the New England Patriots for the 14th consecutive time on Sunday. And in reality, it was the appropriate and fitting outcome.

The Jets put forth what can only be described as one of the worst offensive performances by a football team in recent memory, and quarterback Zach Wilson was one of the biggest reasons why.

Facing a dominant Patriots defense, Wilson and the Jets scored three points and failed to pick up a first down in the entire second half. Wilson finished 9-of-22 for 77 yards. The Jets managed just 44 net passing yards and 103 total yards of offense in four quarters.

It was only fitting for the Patriots to seal the game with an 84-yard punt return on what was essentially the final play of the game. The first team that made a major mistake was going to lose the game — that team turned out to be the Jets.

Zach Wilson and the Jets offense let the NY Jets down

The Jets' defense more than held its own. While the Patriots did manage to pick up chunk yards due to some missed tackles, they still finished with just three offensive points, partially due to a couple of missed field goals.

The Patriots didn't want to win this game, but the Jets' incompetency was too much to overcome. You're not going to win many games with bad quarterback play and bad offensive line play.

Yes, the Patriots entered the week allowing the fewest EPA per play of any team since Week 6 — this defense is as good as it gets. But the offense put forth on Sunday was historically inept and everyone deserves blame.

Zach Wilson. The running game. The offensive line. Mike LaFleur. No one is without blame.

Wilson wasn't the only reason the Jets lost this game, but it's impossible to ignore that he's a large part of the problem. He continues to hold this offense back, and there isn't a fix in sight.

Wilson didn't turn the ball over on Sunday, but it didn't matter. Playing clean, safe football only matters when you can pick up first downs (read: a first down).

The Jets have exorcized every demon this season. They've proved they're not the "Same Old Jets" and shed every other narrative. But they still can't beat the Patriots. And barring an unlikely meeting in the postseason, they won't have the opportunity to do so until next season.

In the team's most important game as a franchise since Week 17 against the Buffalo Bills in 2015, the Jets suffered their most crushing defeat since, well, Week 17 against the Buffalo Bills in 2015.

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It's another chapter in a storied history of the Patriots bullying their little brothers. This time, Zach Wilson helped write the narrative.