The NY Jets have a QB problem after Zach Wilson's Week 8 meltdown

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets have a good roster with a great defense, but right now, they don't have a quarterback. Zach Wilson is a problem. He's the thing that's holding this team back, and that much was evident his Sunday against the New England Patriots.

The Jets lost their 12th consecutive game against the Patriots by a final score of 22-17 in Week 8. They didn't lose this game because of their dominant defense. They didn't lose this game because of guys like Garrett Wilson and Tyler Conklin who put together excellent performances.

They lost this game because of one man: Zach Wilson.

Wilson's final stat line may look flattering — he finished with a career-best 355 yards and tied his career high with two passing touchdowns. But it was his three back-breaking interceptions that cost the Jets this game.

Wilson is broken right now. His mechanics are reminiscent of a freshman college QB. He panics at the first sight of pressure. And now, his mistakes are costing his team wins.

The NY Jets have a Zach Wilson problem

You can't blame the Jets' defense for this loss. The unit suffocated the Patriots for the vast majority of the game despite being on the field for extended periods at a time. They allowed just 3.7 yards per play and finished with six sacks.

The defense was phenomenal, and if the Jets stringed together any sort of offensive consistency, they would've won this game. Unfortunately, Wilson's shortcomings prevented them from doing so.

His ill-advised interception at the end of the first half gifted the Patriots three points. His two second-half interceptions prevented the Jets from mounting any sort of a comeback despite their defensive dominance.

The Jets are handicapped by Zach Wilson at the moment. He's now put together two of the worst games of his NFL career over the last two weeks. He's getting worse, not better.

It's Week 8. There's still a lot of football to be played. Wilson could come out next week and completely change the narrative. But right now, he's a major problem.

Right now, it's hard not to question the future of the Jets' quarterback position. The Jets have a roster that could win 10 games with even semi-competent quarterback play. Unfortunately, they might just have the worst starting QB in the NFL at the moment.

Next. It's time for NY Jets QB Zach Wilson to prove he's the guy. dark

And unless things change in a hurry, the Jets might be searching for another quarterback in the near future.