Zach Wilson continues to handicap the NY Jets after embarrassing Week 3 loss

It was as bad as bad gets for Zach Wilson and the Jets

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
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Final thoughts

My final ideas on this are simple. The Jets' failures offensively all come back to Zach Wilson and his inability to make basic NFL-level plays, see the field properly, and his fear of making a mistake.

It puts an unbelievable amount of pressure on the coaches, offensive line, and defense to be perfect, and even when they are, Wilson is still really, really bad.

Is Hackett a great coordinator? No. He isn't. Neither was Mike LaFleur, who quietly is now calling plays for the 9th overall rated offense through three weeks once he got away from Wilson.

The offensive line isn't very good either, but their job is even harder against stacked boxes, obvious passing situations, and Wilson either not throwing the ball or running into pressure.

The defense hasn't been as good as advertised, struggles to get off the field regularly, and doesn't make the splash plays they need to make.

But they are also forced to play perfectly, are well above average, keep teams from scoring at a high level, and are forced to play a ton of minutes every week because Wilson and the offense cannot move the ball.

The answer at this point is very obvious. A veteran needs to be brought in this week. I truly think even a below-average quarterback like Mike White can be successful with the weapons and defense the Jets have. It just can't be Zach Wilson any longer.