Why the NY Jets must take play calling away from Nathaniel Hackett

It's time for Robert Saleh to take control of his team and start holding people accountable
NY Jets, Nathaniel Hackett
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Looking ahead to next year

Nathaniel Hackett has been really bad, for a long time, but now the question is what's next?

This is a massive question for the Jets across the board. Yes, Aaron Rodgers will be back, and yes, that will obviously make everyone look better. But Rodgers isn't a miracle worker here, folks. He can't cover for every single one of the Jets offensive shortfalls.

My biggest concern is that even with Rodgers, Hackett was still terrible at his limited job on those 2020 and 2021 Packers teams. That was before he even had to call plays! He was even worse last year with Denver as the play-caller with future Hall of Fame quarterback Russell Wilson.

How will Hackett ever succeed with 40-year-old Rodgers, coming off major surgery and almost two years without playing meaningful football? Hackett's creativity, personnel misuse, and career percentages are all embarrassingly bad. What suggests it will change next year?

The Jets, Rodgers' feelings aside, need to make a move now to strip him of his job and let someone else take a crack. Even Adam Gase wasn't this bad, and his roster was a joke and a half.

The Jets need to compete next year at a high level, and there is no reason to believe Hackett is capable of doing that, with or without Rodgers. Let's see who or what else might be available to get it done next year.