Nathaniel Hackett has Adam Gase-level bad quote on Jets' offensive struggles

Hackett thinks the Jets' offense is "explosive"
NY Jets, Nathaniel Hackett
NY Jets, Nathaniel Hackett / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages

No one can look at what the NY Jets are putting on tape as an offense and be pleased. The horrendous play of Zach Wilson, injuries at key positions, and the lack of creativity shown by offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett have all played a part in the team's futility.

The Jets have mustered just eight offensive touchdowns in eight games this season, one of which the Eagles allowed Breece Hall to score on purpose near the end of their game. The only teams in the last five years to score that few touchdowns in eight games are both New York teams this season and Adam Gase's Jets teams in 2019 and 2020.

Hackett's performance on offense might be as bad as Gase's, if not worse. Hackett at least has better personnel around his quarterback than Gase did. The latest quote from Aaron Rodgers today shows the disconnect between what Hackett thinks is happening and the results on the field.

Hackett said that the Jets have been pulling off explosive plays with regularity but lack an overall identity. Explosive plays? With this offense? Hackett must be watching the games in Bizzaro World, as explosive might be the last word anyone thinks of when asked about this offense.

Nathaniel Hackett is delusional about NY Jets offense

Since the Kansas City game, the Jets have not had a touchdown drive longer than one play. This isn't because of a high-flying aerial circus. Rather, Breece Hall has made something out of nothing as a receiver and runner, effectively bailing Hackett and Wilson out.

Because of the constraints Wilson puts on an offense, the Jets have the most bland, conservative offense in the game. If Hall isn't dominating on the ground, the passing game consists of short check-downs and slants (which Wilson often misses) that go nowhere.

Such an offense has a remote chance of working if Wilson gets the ball out quickly, but his propensity to hold on to the ball has this attack sputtering. With no offensive line to hold up for long-developing pass plays and one above-average receiver in Garrett Wilson, this Jets offense is as basic as they come.

The Jets seem destined to waste a defense that is playing as good as a collective unit can possibly look, yet they have consistently found themselves on the wrong end of close games. Hackett will need a minor miracle to get this team back on track.