We asked AI which Marvel superhero Aaron Rodgers would be and it's quite Strange

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Dimitrios Kambouris/GettyImages

It's fair to say that NY Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is like a superhero to many who have watched him play over the years. He's a larger-than-life figure who possesses superhuman abilities and unmatched charisma (for better or worse).

Rodgers has made a career out of performing superhero-like actions on the gridiron. Now, in New York, he's being viewed in the same way that any superhero would. He's the savior. The Messiah. The salvation. A guardian angel for a franchise long consumed by misery and despair.

Aaron Rodgers is, for all intents and purposes, a superhero. That's why we decided it would be fun to check in with an AI program — ChatGPT — to see what artificial intelligence thinks of this comparison.

We asked ChatGPT which Marvel superhero Rodgers is most like, and the answer makes more sense the longer you think about it. ChatGPT likened Rodgers to famous Marvel superhero Doctor Strange.

Why? Well, it actually makes a ton of sense.

NY Jets QB Aaron Rodgers is the Doctor Strange of the NFL

The AI broke down five reasons why Rodgers is like Doctor Strange:

1. Exceptional talent and skill
2. Strategic thinking and intelligence
3. Unconventional style
4. Confidence and swagger
5. Journey of self-discovery

The first two focus primarily on Rodgers' extraordinary abilities. The AI highlighted Rodgers' precision accuracy, excellent arm strength, and ability to read defenses while comparing those traits to the ones possessed by Doctor Strange.

In the latter's case, Doctor Strange uses his talent and intelligence to conjure up magic and outsmart his enemies. Rodgers uses those skills for equal righteousness — to play football at a very high level.

The comparison is already a fair one, but it's the final three bullet points that really drive it home. Like Doctor Strange, Rodgers is known for his "unconventional style." That alludes to both his unorthodox delivery as a QB on the field and his somewhat outlandish comments off the field.

Rodgers and Strange also share an unparalleled sense of swagger and confidence. According to ChatGPT, "Rodgers is known for his cool and composed demeanor on the field, while Doctor Strange carries himself with an air of confidence and authority."

It's hard to argue with that.

The final note is perhaps the most interesting. The AI insists that both Rodgers and Doctor Strange are known for their "journey of self-discovery." Of course, with Strange, this is referring to his transition from a talented surgeon to a magic-wielding sorcerer.

With Rodgers, this characteristic could be twofold. It might refer to his journey back from injury on multiple occasions throughout his career or his numerous attempts to "find himself" in off-field ventures.

From his darkness retreat this offseason to his ayahuasca use and his efforts to support the legalization of psychedelic drugs, Rodgers' journey of self-discovery has taken a number of different forms over the years. But if you ask the man himself, it's likely he would agree with this assessment.

The Doctor Strange moniker suits Rodgers. He's never going to be the All-American face of an organization like Captain America...or Tom Brady. He's not the super-intelligent iron man of the NFL like Peyton Manning...or Iron Man.

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Aaron Rodgers is Aaron Rodgers. He's an unapologetic, highly-skilled magician who happens to have a propensity for out-of-body experiences. He is the Doctor Strange of the NFL.