Tyrod Taylor is the NY Jets' most underrated addition of the offseason

Don't sleep on the Tyrod Taylor signing
Tyrod Taylor
Tyrod Taylor / Luke Hales/GettyImages

The NY Jets made plenty of impactful moves this offseason. From improvements at wide receiver to tweaks to their pass rush corps to massive (literally and figuratively) additions on the offensive line, the one that has been the least heralded, but perhaps one of the more important, is the addition of veteran quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

The Jets roster was not exactly 100% flawless last year. Almost no roster ever is, but the hole that ended up haunting them the most was their lack of a reliable backup quarterback.

Even with the disgrace that was Zach Wilson's quarterback play, the Jets gave themselves a shot finishing 7-10. If they even had a league-average QB, they may have made a push for the postseason.

Obviously the overwhelming hope is that Taylor will see zero snaps this season, save for the occasional garbage time snap during a blowout. But in the case that disaster strikes twice, the Jets are prepared to weather the storm with a fully capable Taylor.

Going into his 14th NFL season, Taylor will be 35 years old come opening night. It's been seven years since Taylor was a starting QB. Of course, Taylor is well past his prime, but the Jets don't need the 2016 Tyrod Taylor who was passing for 3,000 yards while rushing for almost 600.

They just need a professional who can manage the offense and not lose games in the case that Rodgers does misses time.

Tyrod Taylor is the perfect fit for what the Jets need behind Aaron Rodgers

Taylor has an extensive history in this situation. He has manned the No. 2 spot for five other franchises previously. This will be his second stint in New York, coming over from the New York Giants who he gave five solid starts last season after Daniel Jones tore his ACL. Fingers crossed that we won't be seeing Taylor playing under similar circumstances.

Taylor is one of the better backup quarterbacks of his generation, largely due to his flexibility. His combination of passing and rushing has allowed him to fit in any offense quickly. At his advanced age, we can't expect him to be able to run all over the field like he did when he was in Buffalo, averaging 40.6 rushing yards per game in 2015.

However, we can expect him to manage the offense, pick his spots running the ball, and allow the Jets' defense to win games.

With 65 career touchdown passes and just 29 interceptions, Taylor has never been one to throw his teams out of games. As long as the defense does the job that it's supposed to, the Jets will have a shot in any game that the veteran QB would have to start.

Ideally, we don't have to find out if this was a successful move or not. Regardless, props to Joe Douglas for a quiet yet savvy move.

This is absolutely the most underrated move the Jets made this offseason. It's a move that can be a season-saver if the unthinkable happens — again.