4 mistakes the NY Jets can’t afford to make again in 2024

The Jets can't do these things...again
NY Jets, Joe Douglas
NY Jets, Joe Douglas / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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3. The NY Jets need to add a competent backup QB

The Jets made the grave mistake of trusting Zach Wilson with their primary backup quarterback job in 2023. Of course, the plan was for Wilson to sit behind Aaron Rodgers and learn throughout the year — he wasn't expected to play.

Plans changed. Wilson was thrust into action almost immediately following Rodgers' torn Achilles in Week 1, and what followed was another year of the Jets having the worst quarterback play in the NFL.

The Jets cannot afford to have another situation where players like Wilson, Trevor Siemian, or Tim Boyle are starting meaningful games in 2024. They need a reliable backup quarterback.

Rodgers will turn 41 years old before the end of the season and is coming off a torn Achilles. Trusting him to stay healthy for all 17 games is a risky wager — one the Jets can't really gamble on.

The Jets need to make the playoffs in 2024, or else the future of every member of the current regime is in serious danger. There are no more mulligans. No more excuses. If Rodgers goes down, the Jets need an acceptable contingency plan.

More importantly, they need someone who can step in and start a handful of games if Rodgers were to miss time. Those handful of games could be the difference between making the playoffs or falling short for a 14th consecutive season.

Jets general manager Joe Douglas has strongly hinted that his team will be in the market for a veteran backup QB this offseason. Ryan Tannehill, Jacoby Brissett, and Gardner Minshew represent some of the top options expected to be available.