Tyreek Hill could be a serious problem for the NY Jets defense

Hill has dominated the league but the Jets defense has been known to dominate
NY Jets, Sauce Gardner, Tyreek Hill
NY Jets, Sauce Gardner, Tyreek Hill / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

As of this writing, there is only one player in the NFL with more than eight receiving touchdowns. There is only one player with more than 1,015 receiving yards. There is only one player with more than 415 yards after catch. Tyreek Hill has nine touchdowns, 1,222 receiving yards, and 451 yards after the catch.

If the MVP award was given to the true most valuable player instead of the most popular quarterback, Hill would be a serious favorite to win the award since he’s having the greatest season of any skill position player in the league by quite a margin.

In both meetings against the Jets last year, Hill had third-string quarterback Skylar Thompson throwing him the ball, so perhaps that’s the best way to explain why he had nine catches combined for 70 scoreless yards in those two games combined.

If you look closer at that Week 5 matchup, Hill drew a pass interference penalty on each of the Jets’ revered outside cornerbacks for a whopping total of 61 yards.

If you're curious, Sauce Gardner was penalized 34 yards, and D.J. Reed was penalized 27 yards. Tack those two plays onto the seven catches for 47 yards he had on the stat sheet, and that’s nine catches for 108 yards — a better game than Garrett Wilson has had all year.

The NY Jets might have a difficult time containing Tyreek Hill

For a Jets defense that has only allowed AFC East receivers to score touchdowns this entire season, it will be a tall order to face the best wide receiver in not only the division but all of Planet Earth.

Unlike the Jets, he is not the only special wide receiver on his team, as Jaylen Waddle is also a rocket in the open field who has great chemistry with Tua Tagovailoa.

The Dolphins are actually loaded with speed and love to run the ball, which are the Jets’ weaknesses on defense this year. The defense has been in the bottom three in rushing yards allowed most of the season, while the Dolphins average the second-most rushing yards in the league.

I’d imagine Hill won’t be too involved in their running plans, but he does have two carries this season — maybe they give him a third one in the first-ever Black Friday game in NFL history.