Thomas Morstead's strong performance led the NY Jets to victory in Week 8

The Jets punter had himself a heck of a game in Week 8
NY Jets, Thomas Morstead
NY Jets, Thomas Morstead / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

On Sunday, the NY Jets were the away team in their own stadium as the Jets met the New York Giants for the so-called "MetLife Bowl." This game was about as ugly as they come, but a win is indeed a win. The Jets were able to get the job done in overtime as they defeated the Giants by a final score of 13-10.

The sole Jets touchdown came on a dump-off from Zach Wilson that Breece Hall took 50 yards to the end zone. Other than that, Hall had a rather quiet game. Meanwhile, Zach Wilson threw for 240 yards, completing just 17 of his 36 passes, but he wasn't all that bad in this game.

Thomas Morstead's strong performance helped the NY Jets get a victory in Week 8

Despite a pretty quiet game, the player who had the best performance in this one was undoubtedly punter Thomas Morstead. When a punter is your team's best player, that's how you know it wasn't pretty. However, in a field position game, Morstead got the job done when it counted.

Morstead finished the game, punting the ball 11 times in total for 529 yards. He averaged 48.1 yards per punt and tallied four punts inside the 20. The bigger thing here is that for as bad as the Jets' offense was in this game, the Giants were that much worse.

In a game that's played by field position, Morstead went above and beyond. Nearly every punt put the Giants back on their side of the field, and this led to the Jets' defense coming in and doing their job.

Morstead's longest punt of the game came at the end of the first half on a 55-yard booming kick from the Jets' own 12-yard line. This put the Giants all the way back to the other side of midfield, helping to keep the game at 7-3 at halftime.

Despite the ugliness of this game, the Jets were able to get the job done. However, it is not a game that should be looked back on fondly. Thankfully, the Giants' incompetence allowed the Jets to steal a win.

Morstead proved to be the deciding factor in this game. His punts helped the Jets' defense take the pressure off themselves in a game where the offense was far and few in between. Next week, the Jets will meet the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday night.