The Jet Press Podcast: NY Jets OL struggling, Dalvin Cook has arrived

  • The Jets offensive line is a problem
  • Dalvin Cook is here!
  • Panthers game recap
  • Preview of Jets/Buccaneers
NY Jets, Dalvin Cook
NY Jets, Dalvin Cook / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

In the latest episode of The Jet Press Podcast, Justin Fried and Mike Luciano discuss the struggles with the NY Jets offensive line, the Dalvin Cook signing, standouts and duds from the Carolina Panthers game, and a preview of Saturday's Tampa Bay Buccaneers matchup.

The conversation started with an analysis of the Cook signing. Justin and Mike offered differing opinions on the impact Cook might have on the Jets, but both agreed the move was beneficial for the team.

Cook may not be the same player he was in his prime, but the four-time Pro Bowler is still an explosive home-run threat and easily the second-best running back on the roster. This was a good move for the Jets, even if the value can be questioned.

Next, Justin and Mike discussed the worrisome state of the Jets' offensive line. Billy Turner and Max Mitchell continue to struggle at offensive tackle, and Wednesday's joint practice with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was arguably the unit's worst performance to date.

What should be our concern level with the offensive line? What can the Jets do to fix it? Where do players like Mekhi Becton and Joe Tippmann factor into the conversation? All of that was discussed in extensive detail.

In more encouraging news, the Jets absolutely dominated the Panthers in their preseason meeting on Saturday. Justin and Mike took a stock report of some players on the Jets roster following the team's impressive victory this past weekend.

Michael Carter, Zaire Barnes, and the entire defensive line are trending up, while Max Mitchell and Zonovan Knight didn't fare quite as well.

Finally, Justin and Mike provided a brief preview of the Jets' upcoming game against the Buccaneers. It will be a Todd Bowles reunion for the Jets, and all eyes will be on Zach Wilson and the offensive line.

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