The Jet Press Podcast: NY Jets bold predictions, Senior Bowl standouts, QB talk

  • Senior Bowl standouts
  • Should the Jets draft a QB in the first round?
  • Bold predictions for the offseason
NY Jets, Ladd McConkey
NY Jets, Ladd McConkey / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

In the latest episode of The Jet Press Podcast, Justin Fried and Mike Luciano break down a few Senior Bowl standouts, discuss if the NY Jets should draft a quarterback in the first round, and provide a few bold predictions for the offseason.

The conversation began with a quick recap of the 2024 Senior Bowl. Justin and Mike took a look at a few Senior Bowl standouts the Jets should consider targeting in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Justin highlighted Georgia wide receiver Ladd McConkey and Ohio State defensive tackle Michael Hall Jr. as possible Jets targets, while Mike believes the Jets could consider Western Kentucky wide receiver Malachi Corley and Houston offensive tackle Patrick Paul.

McConkey and Corley are a pair of potential Day 2 wide receiver targets for the Jets, while Hall and Paul would help the team sure up the trenches. What makes them ideal Jets targets? Tune in to find out.

But what about the first round of the draft? Is there a world in which the Jets use the No. 10 overall pick on a quarterback? The consensus is that it's pretty unlikely the Jets opt to go that route, but Justin and Mike discussed the possibility. Who would they target?

Finally, Justin and Mike each offered some bold predictions for the Jets' offseason. Will the Jets sign a star wide receiver? Will they make another surprising first-round pick? What about some other unexpected signings (maybe someone like Derrick Henry)?

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